What sets Nor-Tech apart in the HPC industry

  1. Nor-Tech uses HPC Class Ram Memory. This memory is designed for HPC systems and is a step-up over standard “Server” memory in regard to quality. ECC memory is used to maintain reliable computational results. Registered
    DIMM’s are required to allow for future additional memory to be added to the
    system without overloading the memory buses. Nor-Tech’s memory has a
  2. Nor-Tech uses Enterprise or RAID-EDITION Hard Drives these drives provide
    a much better MTBF and delivery at least one order of magnitude better bit
    error rates.
  3. Nor-Tech provides a Cluster Recovery Disk. This is a bare metal recovery
    DVD which can include your application software and initial user and
    application data if those applications and data are installed while the
    cluster is at the Nor-tech factory.
  4. Nor-Tech allows the client to perform remote testing of code on Cluster,
    prior to final order. This will provide a good comfort level that the
    cluster will be able to move into production very fast after delivery. The
    cluster is remotely tested by the client with their own DNS / IP addresses
    already set, and the cluster arrives at client’s site with these settings
    already configured.
  5. Nor-Tech performs a 72-hour burn-in using Linpack prior to shipment.
  6. Nor-Tech provides a complete set of user manuals and network topology
    guide, including all MAC and IP addresses.
  7. Nor-Tech provides a Visio drawing of rack layout including cabling.
  8. Nor-Tech has all cables labeled with identification labels on both ends.
  9. Nor-Tech provides a free Bare Metal Recovery Guide and manual.
  10. Nor-Tech sets up and configures IPMI 2.0 and demonstrates as fully
  11. Nor-Tech assists will creating and running sample job scripts and queue
    tree scripts are provided and configured for the cluster.
  12. Nor-Tech performs ambient temperature monitoring and reporting which
    will perform a graceful shutdown when needed.
  13. Nor-Tech provides Asset Tagging and Asset Spreadsheet (Including Asset#,
    Serial#, Warranty info, Mac Addresses, etc)
  14. Nor-Tech provides Custom Labeling on the components of the cluster.
  15. Nor-Tech sets up custom bios settings.
  16. Nor-Tech performs Unboxing, Setup, Node Racking and cluster testing at
    client location.
  17. Nor-Tech provides a parts closet located at client location (including
    spare motherboards, memory, hard drives, power supplies, etc)