Nor-Tech at the Leading Edge

Nor-Tech’s Innovative HPC Solutions

Nor-Tech’s groundbreaking HPC Solutions have been at the forefront of innovation for more than a decade. Nor-Tech offers a variety of HPC clusters, including standard 42U rackmount clusters, GPU clusters and visualization clusters, as well as the award-winning Portable Cluster. Nor-Tech has developed… Read more »

Intel® HPC Orchestrator

Intel® HPC Orchestrator HPC Orchestrator is Intel’s version of the OpenHPC platform, which is an open source framework for operating HPC clusters. HPC Orchestrator is a licensed, value-added version of OpenHPC and is supported by Intel and Nor-Tech. We worked with Intel on testing and development for several months prior to the release. HPC Orchestrator… Read more »

Nor-Tech HPC Clusters and Intel Omni-Path for Seamless Performance

Intel Omni-Path: The Next-Generation Fabric Nor-Tech’s Demo Cluster Intel Omni-Path, along with Intel Orchestrator will be integrated into our innovative demo cluster. As a widely acknowledged pioneer and leading expert in the HPC space, Nor-Tech has the hardware, software, and expertise to demonstrate the immediate ROI of running your applications on a Nor-Tech cluster. This… Read more »

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