Nor-Tech in the National News


3-16-17:  Nor-Tech Seeks to Expand Key HPC Cluster Software Partnerships with Providers like Siemens, MathWorks

2-28-17: Nor-Tech Leadership Innovates Scheduling Solution to Fully Leverage GPU Resources

1-24-17: Nor-Tech Demo HPC Cluster Leveraged by Cal Tech to Test Intel’s Xeon-Phi x200 KNL Processor

1-4-17: Nor-Tech Just Announced the Integration of Intel Omni-Path into its Leading-Edge HPC Clusters, Demo Cluster and

12-28-16: Nor-Tech Announces Leading-Edge Enterprise and Entry Level HPC Clusters Integrated with Abaqus 2017

12-6-16: Nor-Tech Innovates Entry Level Supercomputers for Business, Research with Open Source Software

11-17-16: Nor-Tech Innovates Workstations, Desktops, Laptops for Business, Military, Government

11-9-16: Nor-Tech and Intel Orchestrator Team Up for Affordable HPC Clusters

10-25-16: Nor-Tech Announces PCs and Workstations Designed for Education and Engineering Applications

9/21/16: Nor-Tech Introduces Open Source Platform for its Entry Level HPC Clusters

9/13/16: Nor-Tech to Showcase HPC Clusters for Automotive CFD Simulation at CONVERGE User Conference

8/25/16: Nor-Tech and Intel Orchestrator Team Up for Affordable HPC Computer Clusters

8/16/16: Nor-Tech Innovates Affordable Office Supercomputers

7/20/16: Nor-Tech Partners with ESI and OpenFOAM for Affordable, Cost-Effective HPC Clusters without Software Licensing Fees

7/13/16: Nor-Tech, Intel, Dassault Site Showing ROI of HPC Clusters for FEA, CFD Simulations in Real Time Adds Intel v4 Processors

6/30/16: Nor-Tech Develops HPC Simulation Clusters for Groundbreaking Projects

6/16/16: Nor-Tech Innovates OpenFOAM CFD Entry Level HPC Clusters

5/26/16:  Nor-Tech Introduces Quiet, Low-Noise Clusters

5/11/16:  Nor-Tech Unveils New Tagline to Reflect Growing Global Sales of HPC Clusters for Simulation and Big Data Analysis

4/26/16: Nor-Tech Partners with Leading Software Provider to Engineer Powerful HPC Clusters for CFD Simulation

4/12/16: Leading Cluster Innovator Nor-Tech Expands Applications for Groundbreaking Low-Cost Supercomputer Solution

3/23/16: Nor-Tech Rolls Out Dedicated Enterprise-Class Clusters For Big Data Analytics

3/9/16: HPC Cluster Integrator Nor-Tech Partners with Siemens, CD-adapco and 8 More FEA/CFD/CAE Software Developers

2/17/16: Nor-Tech Builds HPC Cluster for LIGO Gravitational Wave Project

2/10/16: Nor-Tech Reports Record Sales of HPC Clusters for CAE Modeling

1/27/16: Nor-Tech Shows ROI of Upgrading to an HPC Cluster for FEA Simulations in Real Time on New Website

1/12/16: Nor-Tech Demos Benefits of Upgrading to an HPC Cluster from a Workstation with 3 Major Innovations

12/23/15: Nor-Tech Announces a Mobile Laptop Cart for 2016

12-9-15: Nor-Tech Develops Smart, Affordable HPC/Business-Class Multi-GPU Server

11-16-15: Nor-Tech Showcases Leading-Edge Demo Cluster for CAE/CFD/FEA Applications at SC15

11-11-15: Nor-Tech Rolls out Powerful Supercomputers for CAE

10-27-15: Nor-Tech Develops Easy-to-Deploy and Use Supercomputers for CAE and Other Applications

10-13-15: Nor-Tech Innovates Ruggedized Portable Custom Supercomputer for CAE and other Applications

9-23-15: Nor-Tech Pioneers Low-Cost Supercomputer Solution

9-15-15: Nor-Tech Announces HPC for CAE Trial Cluster

8-25-15: Nor-Tech now an official ANSYS HPC for CAE integrator

8-4-16: Nor-Tech Designated HPC System Integrator Partner by HP