Nor-Tech VCA RenderIT

Accelerate design and VFX production workflows with a Nor-Tech VCA RenderIT .
It is a powerful network attached appliance that harnesses the power of the highest performing NVIDIA GPUs. It’s accessible to anyone on the network, is easily integrated into design workflows, and can linearly scale to deliver noiseless, interactive global illumination. The predictability and accuracy of physically based realism is now fully interactive to speed decision making within the creative process.


  • Eight Ultra-High-End NVIDIA Quadro P6000 GPUs
  • 24 GB Memory per GPU
  • 30,720 NVIDIA CUDA Cores
  • Xeon E5 (2.8 GHz) or Better
  • 20 Physical CPU Cores (40 with Hyperthreading)
  • 256 GB System Memory
  • 2 TB SSD Storage
  • 2x 10GigE, 2x 10GigE (SFP+), 1x Infiniband Linux CentOS 6.6 or Later
  • VCA Manager
  • Iray 2014.3.4 or Newer
  • Optix 3.8 or Newer
  • All Systems Validated with NVQual Prior to Shipment

Software Licenses

  • 1 Year VCA Manager
  • 1 Year Iray
  • 1 Year OptiX

ISV Support

  • Chaos Group V-Ray RT
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro
  • CATIA Live Rendering

Why Nor-Tech VCA RenderIT ?

  • Accelerate design and VFX workflows and deliver photograph-quality images faster than ever before.
  • Scale beyond your desktop workstation with a single VCA or multiple VCAs clustered together.
  • Enjoy the high quality interactive rendering performance of a multi-GPU workstation from a lightweight mobile computer.
  • Centralizing GPU rendering resources in the datacenter allows multiple 3D artists to enjoy the benefits of interactive, multi GPU rendering.

Significantly Faster Rendering Workflows

Run industry-standard applications with Nor-Tech VCA RenderIT to turbocharge your results. Nor-Tech VCA RenderIT allows designers to make critical adjustments or design decisions quickly, while reducing reliance on costly physical prototypes or overnight renders — saving precious time in bringing your ideas to market. An ideal solution for automakers, consumer-product manufacturers, and other design-intensive disciplines, Nor-Tech VCA RenderIT supports both Iray and V-Ray GPU-accelerated renderers.

Designed for your Datacenter

Nor-Tech VCA RenderIT uses RDMA over Infiniband for fast interconnect and rendering scalability between VCAs. Administrators can use the 10 GigE or 1 GigE connection to attach the VCA to their company network. Plus, the VCA includes out-of-band control over IPMI, so administrators can manage and monitor the VCA over Ethernet, even if the system is powered off. Finally, the factory test process stresses every component, so the VCA will reliably perform at maximum throughput for the life of the system.

Supercharge Your Rendering Performance

  • NVIDIA Iray: Speed decisions with intuitive photorealism. Iray is a photorealistic rendering solution licensed to leading software manufacturers. Use your favorite Iray-enabled application, connect to the Nor-Tech VCA RenderIT, and enjoy the fastest photorealistic rendering experience possible. You can also combine multiple systems to improve interactive quality until the experience is like walking around a physical model, catching every nuance of light and reflection as you manipulate the model or scene. This is made possible with an Iray rendering mode exclusive to Nor-TechVCA RenderIT that keeps the entire visual computing cluster contributing equally as modifications are made.
  • V-Ray RT: The rendering engine of choice for design, broadcast, and visual effects, V-Ray has set the standard for speed, quality, and ease of use. V-Ray RT takes full advantage of the parallel processing capabilities of Nor-Tech VCA RenderIT for quality in pre-visualization and final frame rendering.
  • OptiX: Applications can now get client-server rendering and interactive image streaming within hours by adopting the new Progressive API. Nearly any OptiX application which progressively improves its result will be able to connect to one or more Nor-Tech VCA RenderIT for a massive boost in interactive performance.

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