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Did you know that Nor-Tech is one of the leading experts on high performance supercomputers and workstations for advanced computing applications such as deep learning AI, ML and DL? Technologies involved include NVIDIA RTX, NVIDIA Volta, AMD’s new M50 and M60 GPUs and Bright Cluster Manager.
We also have experience repurposing existing supercomputers and HPC workstations for advanced computing applications. In fact, we are just wrapping up a project with a major government client to repurpose its existing Nor-Tech supercomputer for a machine learning application. The project includes installation of Bright Cluster Manager; Scientific Linux 7.x, 16; PBS Pro Job Scheduler; Bioinformatics software; and a significant amount of additional storage.
The bottom line is that we have one of the best HPC-focused engineering teams in the industry. We also have a strong portfolio of top-of-the-line hardware and software providers.
With nearly 20 years of high performance technology design, development, deployment and implementation expertise, we are a Certified NVIDIA Accelerated Computing Partner, an Intel Select Solutions Provider for HPC, and a Bright Computing Premier Partner. Find out more. Call 877-808-1010; Live Chat now at www.nor-tech.com or email: info@nor-tech.com.

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