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Interested in benchmarking AMD’s newest Milan processor?  Nor-Tech’s demo cluster is also capable of benchmarking many, many other applications including  Ansys Fluent and Dassault Abaqus. Every demo results in a straightforward results report.

Nor-Tech’s engineering expertise fully leverages the new Milan processors. We have one of the most highly respected HPC technology engineering teams in the world —capable of complex hardware and software integrations that other engineers won’t touch. Linux expertise is one of the many areas where we shine.

Everyone on Nor-Tech’s engineering team has been with us for more than 10 years—we just don’t have the turnover our bigger competitors have. The same engineers that build your technology are easily accessible during business hours to answer questions and explain complicated procedures in simple terms.

The 3rd Gen EPYC 7003/Milan processor  is the world’s highest performing server processor; offering outstanding performance across a wide spectrum of industry standard applications. It provides a full feature set across the stack with industry leading I/O, 7nm x86 CPU technology, and an integrated security processor on die. EPYC 7003 CPUs provide up to 32MB of L3 cache per core, 4-6-8 memory channel interleaving designed for better economies and performance in multiple DIMM configurations, plus synchronized clocks between fabric and memory–all driving better, faster time to results.

To find out more about HPC technology integrated with AMD Milan, or sign up for a demo, visit https://www.nor-tech.com/solutions/hpc/demo-cluster/amd-epyc or call 877-808-1010.

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