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For speed, capability and cost, Chromebooks are in a class by themselves


Acer C720

The C720 is the most powerful 11″ Chromebook you can get, thanks to the latest IntelĀ® processor based on the Haswell micro-architecture. You can zip through your tasks and have fun too, without recharging, because the C720 has up to 8.5 hours1 of battery life. And, it’s even available with a touchscreen!

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ThinkPad X131e Chromebook

A fast booting, highly customizable laptop PC built with rugged features for the daily rigors of K-12 education. The ThinkPad X131e Chromebook simplifies software and security management for school administrators and provides students and teachers with quick access to thousands of apps, education resources and storage.

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Manage your Chromebooks with ease

The web-based management console makes it easy for schools to configure and manage a set of Chromebooks across a school, district, or country.

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