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If you’re looking for an enterprise class data center storage server with leading-edge Seagate high-capacity storage, Nor-Tech is going to be your best bet. Our longstanding, close working relationship with Seagate results in the most powerful, cost-effective solutions.


Seagate Exos X20 HDDs: Scalable, Responsive, Innovative

The most scalable drives in the datasphere, the Seagate Exos X series hard drives integrate the

latest technology in support of a secure and reliable data center. Seagate Exos X20 drives deliver powerful performance with proven technology—built off the platform that’s sold millions globally. Exos X20 has the highest rack-space efficiency and is available with Seagate Secure advanced data security for those that need hardware-based encryption.


Key Specs

  • Capacity: 20TB
  • Latency: 4.16ms
  • SDR: 285MB/s
  • SED Security Available
  • MTBF: 2.5M hour
  • Dimensions: 26.1mm/1.028in (H) x 101.85mm/4.010in (W) x 147.0mm/5.787in (D)
  • Weight: 670g/1.477lb


Read the datasheet: https://www.nor-tech.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/exos-x20-product-flyer.pdf


Seagate Nytro 5000 Series SSDs: Ready for Enterprise Data Centers

The Nytro 5550 SSD and Nytro 5350 SSD–engineered with Phison technology for high performance–are the newest additions to the Nytro SSD family. They deliver efficiency, and increased storage density to data centers. The Nytro 5000 series drives are PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs, which doubles the random throughput of the latest SAS SSDs.


Key Specs

  • Up to 7.68TB in a 7mm form factor with dual ports
  • Up to 15.36TB in a 15mm form factor (coming soon)
  • Supports both U.2 and U.3 interfaces for active-active high availability.
  • 1 DWPD at 2.5M MTBF for enhanced endurance.
  • Random write speeds up to 470K IOPS
  • Random read speeds up to 1.7M IOPS.
  • 3 DWPD at 2.5M MTBF for endurance and reliability.


Read the datasheet: https://www.nor-tech.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/nytro-5550-5350-datasheet.pdf


Nor-Tech’s storage servers take advantage of Seagate’s outstanding storage knowhow and our integration expertise. We have one of the most highly respected HPC technology engineering teams in the world—capable of everything from minor tweaks that solve big problems to complex hardware and software integrations that other engineers won’t touch.

  • Application Integration: In addition to general application integration expertise, Nor-Tech is also a leading expert on Linux-based high-performance technology solutions.
  • Hardware Integration: We source hardware from the industry’s leading providers such as Seagate; working closely with these partners to engineer an optimal configuration that is reliable, powerful, scalable and cost-effective.


Contact us for more information or a quick quote: 952-808-1000; engineering@nor-tech.com/ or click on the Contact tab at https://www.nor-tech.com/


About Seagate

Seagate Technology crafts the datasphere, helping to maximize humanity’s potential by innovating world-class, precision-engineered data storage and management solutions with a focus on sustainable partnerships. A global technology leader for more than 40 years, the company has shipped over three billion terabytes of data capacity. Learn more about Seagate by visiting www.seagate.com.


About Nor-Tech

Nor-Tech is on CRN’s list of the top 40 Data Center Infrastructure Providers along with IBM, Oracle, Dell, and Supermicro and is also a member of Hyperion Research’s prestigious HPC Technical Computing Advisory Panel. The company is a complete high performance computer solution provider for two Nobel Physics Award-contending/winning projects.  Nor-Tech engineers average 20+ years of experience. All of Nor-Tech’s high-performance technology is developed by Nor-Tech in Minnesota and supported by Nor-Tech around the world. To contact Nor-Tech call 952-808-1000/toll free: 877-808-1010 or visit https://www.nor-tech.com.

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