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Nor-Tech’s High Performance Technology for Aerospace Industries

High performance computing has made a significant contribution to aerospace engineering; in particular, leading-edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has fundamentally altered the way aircraft are designed.


Nor-Tech has been building technology for aerospace engineers for more than 15 years—clients include the FAA, one of the world’s largest commercial aircraft manufacturers, a leading-edge luxury aircraft manufacturer, and today’s undisputed leader in innovative aerospace design.

Working closely with leaders in the Aerospace industry, Nor-Tech’s HPC solutions are providing the performance foundation for computer aided engineering (CAE) to lead the way in Aerospace design for the future.

As fuel savings and noise reduction drive the competitive aerospace market, industry leaders lean more and more on CAE in-house and from their component manufacturers for new designs to compete. The trickledown effect can be seen all over the aerospace industry as OEM’s add and expand their own CAE ability. Designing HPC solutions to meet our client’s specific needs, Nor-Tech is in the forefront of the aerospace industry.

Our hardware-design and software-integration engineers know exactly how to develop cluster and workstations for projects that include:

    • External aerodynamics
    • Compressible flow
    • Multiple reference frame simulations
    • Heat transfer simulations
    • And much more.

Whether commercial, personal, or revolutionary; Nor-Tech is delivering HPC solutions to Aerospace industry leaders.  As a growing company working with industry giants, Nor-Tech is proving they have the HPC expertise to deliver world-class solutions.


Nor-Tech’s Clusters for the FAA

Seagate Case Study

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    Intel’s Skylake Processors and Nor-Tech’s HPC Technology

    Intels Skylake scalable processors are an especially good fit for aerospace applications. Reported performance improvements include:

    • Up to 1.59x higher performance running in-memory SAP HANA workloads over the generation it replaces.
    • SAP HANA certified to support up to 6x greater system memory on the new Intel platform for 4- or 8- socket configurations over the representative installed baseg of systems available four years ago.
    • Up to 3.9x higher virtualized throughput and more VMs/server vs. Intel® Xeon® processor E5 performance estimate based on virtualization infrastructure consolidation workload.

    Features include:

    • Intel Omni-Path Architecture (Intel OPA): Accelerated I/O.
    • Intel Advanced Vector Extension 512 (Intel AVX-512) that can deliver up to 2x flops per clock-cycle peak performance capability increase (over AVX2).
    • Intel QuickAssit Technology (Intel QAT)–hardware-enhanced security (crypto) and data compression offload–available as an integrated option.
    • Intel Volume Management Devices (Intel VMD): Greater agility/efficiency for NVMe storage.
    • Intel Ethernet: integrated.
    • Advanced RAS (reliability, availability and serviceability)

    If you want to see how much faster your current aerospace-related applications will run on Intel’s Skylake processors?  Take advantage of our no-cost, no strings demo cluster. https://www.nor-tech.com/solutions/hpc/demo-cluster/.

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