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On Friday, Forbes published a great article called: How Education and Technology are Evolving Together. It actually was a response to a question that appeared on Quora. The essence is that these relatively new and continually evolving learning tools will change education in 3 ways.

  1. Technology is allowing teachers to off-load rote teaching activities, such as reading directions, and spend their time on one-to-one reflective activities with students such as developing arguments, writing critically, and initiating thought-provoking discussion.
  2. Learning will be more interactive. By incorporating digital quizzes and assessments, videos, simulations, and game-like elements into course content, educators can create an individualized dynamic learning experience for each student. This means that, regardless of class size, the learning environment can be filled with customized interactive learning.
  3. Learning will be a lifelong endeavor. Technology-based learning is allowing students to be adaptable to a job market that will be evolving at lightning speed by the time they reach the age of employment. They will have to refresh their skill sets several times throughout their career. In higher education, in particular, pairing technical skills with more general critical thinking and communication skills will be the key to success—and technology will allow students to do that.

The full article is available here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/quora/2018/05/04/how-education-and-technology-are-evolving-together/#73afcc5b7806.

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