Easy to Use Open Source HPC with GUI Interface

We are the only enterprise offering Open OnDemand
and the only company able to integrate it into OpenHPC.

Now Even HPC Neophytes Can Take Advantage
of the Enormous Cost-Savings of Open Source. 

Open OnDemand makes Open Source HPC as easy as using a desktop or website.


Benefits include:

  • Keeps initial and recurring licensing costs way down
  • No licensing fees for cluster management software
  • Much easier to use than command lines

The entire engineering team at Nor-Tech has been working with the NSF-funded Open OnDemand organization to integrate Open OnDemand into our Open HPC Cluster Management Suite. This allows the delivery of groundbreaking Open OnDemand functionality to enterprise and education clients for the first time.

Now our clients can use low cost/no cost open source cluster management tools like Open HPC, Open OnDemand, PBS Pro and CentOS to dramatically cut their software licensing costs.  Even those who aren’t HPC savvy can easily load and run HPC jobs through a common browser GUI instead of a command line.

  • The Open OnDemand server is simply a virtual machine running on the cluster head node so no extra server hardware is needed–keeping the added cost very low.
  • There is zero install. Open OnDemand is a single point of entry into your cluster, all you need is a simple browser and a single sign-on–user name, password and URL.
  • You can easily upload and download files to and from the cluster right through the browser with no special FTP or PUTTY needed.
  • If you want to use command lines you can from within the browser session.
  • Resource schedulers like PBS Pro, Slurm and LSF are all supported.

Open OnDemand gives system administrators simple web access to their HPC resources, including, but not limited to:

  • Plug-in-free web experience
  • Easy file management
  • Command-line shell access
  • Job management and monitoring across different batch servers and resource managers
  • Graphical desktop environments and desktop applications

Support for Open Source

The traditional downside to open source platforms has been lack of support.  Nor-Tech’s engineers, who have decades of open source expertise, provide that support.

 How Open OnDemand Works

About the Open OnDemand Project

Open OnDemand is an NSF funded project based at the Ohio Supercomputing Center. It has been in production since January 2013 and has over 800 distinct users from 27 different NSF fields of science. Its apps have been launched over 70,000 times. Nor-Tech Vice President of Engineering Dom Daninger is on the Open OnDemand advisory board.

A Free Trial of Open OnDemand is Currently Available on our Demo Cluster


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