Nor-Tech’s High Performance Technology for Aerospace Industries

High performance computing has made a significant contribution to aerospace engineering; in particular, leading-edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has fundamentally altered the way aircraft are designed.


Nor-Tech has been building technology for aerospace engineers for more than 15 years—clients include the FAA, one of the world’s largest commercial aircraft manufacturers, a leading-edge luxury aircraft manufacturer, and today’s undisputed leader in innovative aerospace design.

Our hardware-design and software-integration engineers know exactly how to develop cluster and workstations for projects that include:

    • External aerodynamics
    • Compressible flow
    • Multiple reference frame simulations
    • Heat transfer simulations
    • And much more.



Nor-Tech’s Clusters for the FAA



Intel’s Skylake Processors and Nor-Tech’s HPC Technology

Intel’s’ Skylake scalable processors are an especially good fit for aerospace applications. Reported performance improvements include:

  • Up to 1.59x higher performance running in-memory SAP HANA workloads over the generation it replaces.
  • SAP HANA certified to support up to 6x greater system memory on the new Intel platform for 4- or 8- socket configurations over the representative installed baseg of systems available four years ago.
  • Up to 3.9x higher virtualized throughput and more VMs/server vs. Intel® Xeon® processor E5 performance estimate based on virtualization infrastructure consolidation workload.

Features include:

  • Intel Omni-Path Architecture (Intel OPA): Accelerated I/O.
  • Intel Advanced Vector Extension 512 (Intel AVX-512) that can deliver up to 2x flops per clock-cycle peak performance capability increase (over AVX2).
  • Intel QuickAssit Technology (Intel QAT)–hardware-enhanced security (crypto) and data compression offload–available as an integrated option.
  • Intel Volume Management Devices (Intel VMD): Greater agility/efficiency for NVMe storage.
  • Intel Ethernet: integrated.
  • Advanced RAS (reliability, availability and serviceability)


If you want to see how much faster your current aerospace-related applications will run on Intel’s Skylake processors?  Take advantage of our no-cost, no strings demo cluster.

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