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Nor-Tech is now one of two primary distributors in the Americas

NICE DCV (Desktop Cloud Visualization) enables remote access to 2D/3D interactive applications over a standard LAN or WAN connection network, while centralizing computing resources.

DCV allows engineers and scientists to take full advantage of high-end graphics cards, fast I/O performance and large memory nodes hosted in a public or private 3D cloud, rather than waiting for upgrades. DCV also allows IT departments to maximize their budgets by consolidating and sharing hardware resources.

The DCV protocol adapts to heterogeneous networking infrastructures such as LAN, WAN and VPN to solve bandwidth and latency constraints. All applications run natively on the remote machines which can be virtualized and share the same physical GPU. Benefits include:

  •     Saves money and time on application deployment and upgrades.
  •     Increases user productivity on heavy applications and large datasets.
  •     Gives remote workforce secure access to centralized resources.
  •     Enables real-time collaboration.
  •     Users can work anywhere over standard, secure TCP/IP connections.


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