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In a worldwide IDC Study conducted for Council on Competitiveness, based in Washington, D.C., 97% of the commercial firms that had adopted HPC said they could no longer compete or survive without it.  The chief benefit cited by these firms is that HPC enables them to bring more innovative, higher-quality products and services to the market in shorter time frames.  Enhancing ANSYS® with HPC technology allows for shorter time frames and better competition in today’s market. ANSYS® has many CAE products that are the best in their field. ANSYS® Fluent and ANSYS® Mechanical are great examples.

Staying one step in front of your competition means you need to stay one step ahead with design and engineering technology.  Running ANSYS® on a high performance cluster can mean quicker results or the ability to run more complex simulations resulting in a better product. Either result maybe the competitive advantage that companies need in today’s market.

Try Out Your CAE Needs for Free on a Nor-Tech/ANSYS® HPC Cluster Today

Contact Nor-Tech today for a no cost opportunity to see the performance gain you will get by moving to HPC clusters from desktop or workstation computing. See how Nor-Tech’s over ten years of HPC expertise can help you leverage advances from Intel, NVIDIA® and ANSYS® to get your products to market faster than your competition. Our demo cluster has the latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 V2 CPU’s, NVIDA® K20X GPU’s, and QDR InfiniBand. Click here to get started on an evaluation today.

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