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A worldwide IDC Study conducted for Council on Competitiveness, based in Washington, shows that innovation is the surest path to competitive success. The most unexpected finding in the study was that few suppliers to Tier 1 companies in the U.S. use HPC even if the Tier 1 companies themselves are users of HPC. The chief benefit cited by firms who use HPC is that HPC enables them to bring more innovative, higher-quality products and services to the market in shorter time frames.

Enhancing Abaqus with HPC technology allows for shorter time frames in today’s market. Even with the increasing use of CAE tools like Abaqus most users employ engineering workstations or PCs to run their CAE tools. What happens in that kind of environment is that modeling and simulation tasks often take so long that many users lose the motivation to do simulation and modeling because it is so time consuming. HPC can drastically reduce simulation and modeling time thus encouraging much more innovation during the design and modeling phase. This innovation often pays off with unique products designs which are only possible with extensive modeling and simulation.  Running Abaqus on a high performance cluster can mean quicker results or the ability to run more complex simulations resulting in a better product.  Either result may be the competitive advantage that companies need in today’s market.

One example of cost and time savings afforded by HPC that is sited in the publication is Boeing’s design efforts for their 777 aircraft versus the 787 aircraft. The 777 required expensive live tests of 77 different wing designs while the 787 only required live tests of 11 different wing designs because of the extensive use of simulation and modeling for the 787 design.

Staying one step in front of your competition means you need to stay one step ahead with design and engineering technology. Many Tier 1 firms are starting to use HPC as a strategic weapon against their competitors. If you are a supplier to Tier 1 companies your ability to use HPC to enhance your innovation will help you win over your competition that hasn’t started using HPC yet.

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