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ANSYS® 16.0 delivers major advancements across the company’s entire portfolio, including structures, fluids, electronics and systems engineering solutions – providing engineers with the ability to validate complete virtual prototypes.

Nor-Tech’s commitment to providing integrated ANSYS® high performance cluster(HPC) solutions means faster deployment and productivity of version 16.0 by the end-user.  Purchasing a Nor-Tech turn-key high performance cluster means our clients can concentrate on using ANSYS® 16.0 rather than laboring to deploy the software.

Nor-Tech’s ANSYS® HPC solutions range from two node to data center size clusters.  Unlike our competitors, Nor-Tech does not shy away from entry level cluster deployments.  We understand it is as important for the two node cluster to be productive as the data center deployment.  Nor-Tech has wide range of HPC solutions available to meet most any budget available or desired performance level. Nor-Tech is happy to help CAE users who are transitioning from Workstations to HPC for the ANSYS® work.

ANSYS® HPC specifically enables parallel processing for solution of the toughest, higher-fidelity models — including more geometric detail, larger systems and more complex physics. ANSYS® has many CAE products that are the best in their field. ANSYS® Fluent and ANSYS® Mechanical are great examples.  Nor-Tech makes incorporating this ability into the end-users environment easier by providing fully integrated solutions.  Nor-Tech also offers on-site installation services for clients desiring the full turn-key experience.

Try Out Your CAE Needs for Free on a Nor-Tech/ANSYS® HPC Cluster Today

Contact Nor-Tech today for a no cost opportunity to see the performance gain you will get by moving to HPC clusters from desktop or workstation computing. See how Nor-Tech’s over ten years of HPC expertise can help you leverage advances from Intel, NVIDIA® and ANSYS® to get your products to market faster than your competition. Our demo cluster has the latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 V2 CPU’s, NVIDA® K20X GPU’s, and QDR InfiniBand. Click here to get started on an evaluation today.

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