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Nor-Tech partnered with Altair Engineering, Inc. to provide turnkey Linux cluster for innovative vehicle manufacturer

Nor-Tech integrated Linux, Cluster Management Suite, Intel True Scale Fabric InfiniBand, Dassault/Simulia Abaqus, Altair RADIOSS & PBS Pro, Converge CFD and ANSYS Fluent, CFX & Mechanical, software integration on the HPC cluster.  Altair Compute Manager integration services to provide seamless scheduling interface for the cluster users.  The Compute Manager interface greatly improves the end-user experience by creating a simple menu system that eliminates complex command line scripting sometimes seen in Linux HPC clusters.

The vehicle manufacturer wanting to keep ahead of their competitors with innovation added the high-performance cluster (HPC) to their environment.  The new technology will allow them to increase their CAE modeling and shrink their development time for new products.  By using CAE modeling as a strategic advantage in today’s global market, the vehicle manufacturer will continue to be an industry leading innovator.

The turnkey cluster appliance provided by Nor-Tech and Altair minimized the end-user learning curve and impact to IT staff. Customer engineers were able to concentrate on product development rather than learning how to utilize the new technology. The vehicle engineers were able to try out and learn how to use the new HPC modeling before the cluster ever shipped from Nor-Tech. This try out period served multiple purposes adding familiarity, comfort, short time to production after onsite installation.  Not having the in-house Linux expertise, the turnkey cluster appliance was able to smoothly be added into the vehicle manufacturer’s IT environment with minimal effort by their internal IT staff.

A standard feature of Nor-Tech clusters is a bare-metal recovery media that can restore your cluster in a one-step operation in the unlikely event of the a complete data loss.

Nor-Tech can further ease your entry in HPC CAE appliances by such services as remote monitoring of your cluster and automatic trouble alerting that can notify you and Nor-Tech about component or system failures to help maximize up time. For a more detailed cluster health assessment Nor-Tech can do scheduled health audits of your cluster to check items like system logs, storage space and other items that can impact up time.

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