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MINNEAPOLIS – July 6, 2022  Nor-Tech, the leading experts on software and hardware integration for high performance clusters and workstations, completed a case study detailing the proven benefits of upgrading from a workstation to a cluster.

The client is a precision contract manufacturer that depends on a fast quoting process and fast prototype production to grow sales. Their current workstation, however, was creating a bottleneck —leading to lost projects and lost revenue.

“We were confident that if we could speed up the quoting process and prototype production time we would win more bids,” the client said. “With a workstation it could take up to 2-1/2 days to create and build a single part, I knew a cluster would be much faster. In this business, it’s all about how quickly we respond to customers.”

Nor-Tech set the client up on a demo cluster so they could benchmark Intel’s newest Xeon Scalable processor. Nor-Tech then custom built an HPC cluster to fit the client’s budget and computational needs and integrated more robust software into the cluster. It was a complete turnkey solution.

With the new cluster, the client can respond to customers with a prototype and quote in a fraction of the time. “It has definitely had a bottom line effect on our business,” the client said. “The cluster integrated with the new software is now an essential tool.”

“Nor-Tech sent documentation that was impeccable,” the client added.  “We unboxed the cluster ourselves, followed the instructions, plugged it in and it worked. Nor-Tech just has a really good support team. They are people you want in your corner. As far as I’m concerned, Nor-Tech’s slogan, ‘People Friendly Technology’ fits them to a tee.”

Nor-Tech Executive Vice President Jeff Olson said, “This project is typical of the benefits of upgrading from a workstation to a cluster. In this case it was faster quotes; in other cases it’s faster time to market or faster time to results. Today faster equals more profit.”

Read the case study.

Nor-Tech is on CRN’s list of the top 40 Data Center Infrastructure Providers along with IBM, Oracle, Dell, and Supermicro and is also a member of Hyperion Research’s prestigious HPC Technical Computing Advisory Panel. The company is a complete high performance computer solution provider for 2015 and 2017 Nobel Physics Award-contending/winning projects.   All of Nor-Tech’s high-performance technology is developed by Nor-Tech in Minnesota and supported by Nor-Tech around the world. To contact Nor-Tech call 952-808-1000/toll free: 877-808-1010 or visit https://www.nor-tech.com.


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