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PBS Works HPC Workload Management

PBS Works workload management suite simplifies the administration and use of HPC clusters, clouds and supercomputing environments.

PBS Works™ is the award-winning solution for comprehensive, secure workload management for high-performance computing (HPC) environments. This integrated suite simplifies the use of HPC while improving resource utilization and ROI. PBS Works is the preferred solution for many of the largest, most complex clusters and supercomputers in existence – and is the choice for smaller organizations needing HPC solutions that are easy to adopt and use. Backed by Altair, a global software leader, PBS Works offers unparalleled service and support from a partner companies can rely on.

Nor-Tech has extensive experience installing and configuring PBS Professional for their customers, including those running commercial CAE software, where the licenses are tied to CPU core counts. Nor-Tech works with Altair to implement Compute Manager for commercial customers who want to manage license resources and/or hide the complexities of job submission and management. Nor-tech and Altair also work together to implement Display Manager for customers that want to centralize their high-end GPU and visualization resources and utilize web-based remote visualization. Those customers enjoy peace of mind by keeping their proprietary data within the walls of their site.

Engineered to make HPC easy, fast, and reliable, the PBS Works product suite includes:


PBS Professional

Proven for over 20 years at thousands of global sites, PBS Professional is a leading HPC workload management product that efficiently schedules workloads across all forms of computing infrastructure, from clusters to supercomputers, intelligently balancing business priorities and requirements to optimize scheduling while reducing runtimes and maximizing hardware and software utilization.


Compute Manager

A web-based portal for simplified job submission and management, Compute Manager hides the complexities of HPC so end-users can focus only on their data and applications. Users can easily set up jobs on distributed resources, monitor and manage workloads, and visualize data and results remotely.


Display Manager

A web-based remote visualization portal, Display Manager enables users to visualize and collaborate on massive data sets. Display Manager reduces IT costs by enabling consolidation of costly graphics resources and increases security by eliminating the need to move files outside the datacenter.


PBS Analytics

PBS Analytics is an easy-to-use data analysis and visualization product that supports data-driven planning and decision making. Easily extensible to meet your unique requirements, PBS Analytics aggregates data from multiple servers into a common database for a consolidated view into resource productivity.

Software Asset Optimization (SAO)Altair SAO is a tool for measuring and analyzing application use for right-sizing global investments. SAO works seamlessly with popular license managers (e.g. FLEXlm, FlexNet, LM-X…) to providing

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