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Data center clusters

Data Center Clusters

Nor-Tech’s HPC experience includes data center solutions comprised of CPU, CPU/GPU Hybrid clusters with our proven ability to design custom solutions to fit specific power and cooling requirements.

Balancing power and cooling is important consideration in the design stage to managing ongoing energy costs. Nor-Tech’s expertise includes the know how to integrate liquid cooling into the cluster allowing for higher computing density.

Nor-Tech’s expertise includes data center tier storage solutions with scratch, permanent, and archival levels of storage. The hierarchical storage approach marries high speed scratch storage like Lustre with permanent NFS or ZFS storage appliances while using tape or low cost HDD libraries for archival storage.

Nor-Tech’s cluster solutions are available on both Linux and Windows platforms. Linux clusters are available in both Open Source (OpenHPC) and Commercial (Bright Computing and PBS Pro/Slurm) solutions.

Nor-Tech offers easy to use Open Source HPC with a GUI interface using Open OnDemand

With proven successful installations at MIT, University of Syracuse, VA, FAA, Boeing, Gulfstream and many other sites; Nor-Tech has the expertise to meet your data center needs.

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