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High Availability Storage Solutions

Nor-Tech’s failover Storage Servers, Web Servers, and Database Servers are affordable, easy-to-implement solutions that keep your data right where you need it.

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    For organizations of all sizes, the availability of stored data and reliable compute services are imperative aspects of a successful technology solution. Inaccessible data is as damaging as lost data and can lead to lost revenue, diminished productivity, and customer dissatisfaction.

    Nor-Tech’s HA Clusters offer the performance and reliability of robust SAN & Compute solutions at a value that makes them ideal for small and medium sized organizations.

    Available with Linux (Redhat/CentOS/SUSE) or Microsoft (Windows Server 2016) operating systems.

    The benefits of highly available storage are clear:

    Business uptime

    • Uninterrupted business continuity, on-line presence
    • End-user access to business-critical and mission-critical workloads
    • Exponential growth in data (unstructured, regulatory) that must be readily accessible


    • Agile virtualized workloads
    • Workload mobility across servers
    • Seamless mobility between on-site infrastructure and cloud

    Storage density

    • Multi-core processors – 8 or more cores
    • Drive capacity growth – from 1TB to 10TB
    • Storage managed per server growing

    Project spotlight: HA Clusters for the VA

    • Redhat based using the GFS2 file system for HA storage for the Veteran’s Administration.
    • LSI’s Syncro CS line of RAID controllers

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