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Lustre Storage Systems

Fast, scalable and live expandable, The Lustre™ file system redefines high performance, scaling to tens of thousands of nodes and petabytes of storage with groundbreaking I/O and metadata throughput.

The Lustre parallel file system is designed to enable I/O performance and scaling beyond the limits of traditional storage technology. An ideal solution for High Performance Computing environments, Lustre is also applicable to any enterprise storage environment where very high I/O bandwidth is necessary.

Lustre provides a storage architecture for clusters which allows significant freedom in hardware implementation. The Lustre clients are typically HPC cluster compute nodes which run Lustre client software and communicate with Lustre servers over Ethernet or Infiniband. Clients mounting the Lustre filesystem see a single, coherent, synchronised namespace at all times. Different clients can write to different parts of the same file at the same time, while other clients read from the file.

What is Lustre?


  • Unparalleled Scalability–Scales to tens of petabytes and thousands of clients – a file system virtually without limits
  • Reliability–Deployed in production on many large and small clusters, meeting uptime requirements of both business and national security applications
  • Proven Performance–Delivers dramatic increase in throughput and I/O by allowing massively parallel file access
  • Decreased Costs–Significantly reduces deployment and support costs by including rapid deployment options and support for industry-standard platforms and heterogeneous networking environments
  • Open Technology–Developed and maintained as open source software with an open networking protocol, ensuring broad support for industry-standard platforms and heterogeneous networking environments

Open Source:

VoyStor Lustre

With unprecedented speed and scalability, the high-performance VoyStor Lustre is an ideal solution for organizations with demanding storage requirements.

Also available:

stx-staticlogo-drk-nopad-150x36 ClusterStor Parallel Storage System

The ClusterStorTM family architecture is built on 25 years of Seagate (formerly Xyratex) enterprise-class storage design and Lustre®, an open source high performance parallel file system typically used for scale-out computing.

  • Tightly integrates Lustre1 into a performance and capacity optimized solution perfect for HPC, big data and analytics
  • Removes complexities associated with deploying and maintaining traditional Lustre environments using off the shelf components from multiple vendors
  • Enables integrated storage solutions that provide the high productivity computing with the industry’s highest levels of efficiency, reliability, availability and serviceability
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