Hybrid GPU Solutions from Nor-Tech

With the ever-increasing demand for more computing performance, the HPC industry is moving toward a hybrid computing model, where GPUs and CPUs work together to perform general purpose computing tasks.

As parallel processors, GPUs excel at tackling large amounts of similar data because the problem can be split into hundreds or thousands of pieces and calculated simultaneously. As sequential processors, CPUs are not designed for this type of computation, but they are adept at more serial based tasks such as running operating systems and organizing data.

Learn how NVIDIA® is revolutionizing high performance computing with Tesla® GPU computing

GPU computing refers to the leveraging of a graphics processing unit to improve performance. A CPU and GPU can be used together in a heterogeneous co-processing computing model. The sequential part of the application runs on the CPU and the computationally-intensive part is accelerated by the GPU. By using the high-performance of the GPU to boost performance, GPU solutions are more efficient and cost-effective than CPU-only systems.

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