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Notice anything new? We just published this completely redesigned website and also have a new logo. This is the first time the website and logo have undergone a complete redesign in 20 years.
This user-friendly website is secure and reflects our position as one of the world’s leading value added resellers specializing in high performance computing and complete technology solutions.
The logo, designed by our Executive VP Jeff Olson, represents our meteoric rise from an award-winning start-up supplying computer parts 20 years ago to a value-added reseller specializing in high performance computing and complete technology solutions.
It’s amazing when we really think about it—in 20 years we have gone from a small computer parts company to a company that supplies HPC technology to two Nobel Physics Prize-winning projects and has landed on CRN’s list of the top 40 Data Center Infrastructure Providers the last two years. This puts us in the company of some of the biggest names in the industry like IBM and Oracle.
The new website and logo are milestones for us. We would never have achieved this without the long-term loyalty of many valued clients and the continual expansion of our client portfolio. We are also grateful for our strong partner relationships with companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Lenovo, NVIDIA and AMD. And, of course, we owe our continued success to one of the best teams of technology employees in the industry. Thanks everyone!

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