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Software Integration & Hardware Integration Expertise


We have one of the most highly respected technology engineering teams in the world—capable of everything from minor tweaks that solve big problems to complex hardware and software integrations that other engineers won’t touch. Linux expertise is one of the many areas where we excel.


Application Integration

In addition to general application integration expertise, Nor-Tech is also a leading expert on Linux-based high-performance technology solutions—with credentials that include membership on the Open HPC advisory board.

With most hardware proposals, integration expertise is a deciding factor for clients. Integrating applications in a distributed parallel environment is extremely complex and requires a collaborative team of experts. Most of our engineers have been with us for a decade or more and work closely with industry partners. Many technology companies can sell the hardware, but very few can integrate it correctly.

Hardware Integration

We source hardware from the industry’s leading providers such as Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and Seagate.  We work closely with these partners to engineer an optimal configuration that is reliable, powerful, scalable and cost-effective

Testing & Training

We help our customers install their applications and code on the new cluster before it leaves our facility. This allows the customers to run their applications and code and ensure everything works to their satisfaction prior to deployment, providing assurance that the cluster will be able to move into production very fast after delivery. The cluster is remotely tested by the client with their own DNS/IP addresses already set–the cluster arrives with these settings already configured. Nor-Tech assists with creating and running sample job scripts.

Fail-Safe Provisions

  • A Cluster Recovery Disk. This is bare metal recovery media which can include your application software and initial user and application data if those applications and data are installed prior to deployment.
  • Bare Metal Recovery Guide and Manual
  • Storage Guard to alert clients before their clusters run out of space
  • Ambient temperature monitoring and reporting that alerts administrators to excessive ambient temperatures and, if warranted, performs a graceful shutdown of the cluster
  • An optional Parts Closet at the client location

Same Day Deployment

On request, we will go to the client site for Unboxing, Setup, Node Racking and Cluster Testing. In many cases, clients are able to start using the technology the same day.

Fast, Accessible Support

The same engineers that build your technology are readily accessible during business hours to answer questions and explain complicated procedures in terms that even those without a technology background can understand.

What Our Clients Say

“Nor-Tech’s engineering staff has always been very good at technical details. If I need to know a very fine detail, I know they will have the answer. I have always been thrilled with how responsive they are; the turnaround time for service and support is terrific.”

Senior Scientist, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Center for Gravitation, Cosmology, and Astrophysics

“Nor-Tech invited me to their facility and I was able to see how the components performed with the software on our existing cluster. That provided me with the assurance that we would be able to operate and maintain the new cluster without issues.”

Computational Modeling Technology Manager, National Manufacturing Innovator

“During the hardware-specification phase, I emailed and talked with engineers from Nor-Tech almost every day. They were always courteous and helpful, and gave us many good tips to help us get the best hardware configuration for our needs while staying within budget. Their good customer service didn’t stop after shipping. The salespeople and engineers at Nor-Tech are so knowledgeable about their products and so responsive and helpful that I actually found it a lot of fun to work with them.”

Senior Postdoctoral Fellow Physics & Astronomy, University of California., LA

Intel® Xeon® Processors

Nor-Tech’s Expertly Integrated HPC Technology Features Intel Xeon Processors

Drive actionable insight, count on hardware-enhanced security, and deploy dynamic service delivery with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors: Support your infrastructure and the most demanding HPC applications.

Performance to Propel Insights

Intel Xeon Scalable processors deliver industry-leading, workload-optimized performance, with built-in AI acceleration, providing a seamless performance foundation, to help speed data’s transformative impact to the intelligent edge.

Business Resilience with Hardware-Enhanced Security

Enhanced data protection by design. Intel’s hardware-enhanced security helps to thwart malicious exploits while maintaining workload integrity and performance. Encryption efficiency provides trusted data service delivery at rest, in use, and in-flight.

Agile Service Delivery

Platform innovations and hardware-enhanced virtualization across compute, network, and storage, all with support for a new class of memory innovation, consistently deliver amazing business-to-business and business-to-consumer experiences.

The 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors are optimized for many workload types and performance levels, all with the consistent, open, Intel architecture you know and trust.

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