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Nor-Tech’s NT-EZ HPC Cluster Support Solutions

A complete portfolio of HPC cluster support solutions for effortless deployment, operation, and maintenance

Nor-Tech has been a primary innovator in the HPC cluster space for more than a decade. Our elite staff of expert engineers, averaging more than a decade of hands-on experience, is consistently conquering industry challenges that our competitors long abandoned as insurmountable. The result is a suite of cost-effective NT-EZ branded services that remove the classic obstacles to high performance computing.

  • NT-EZ Remote Visualization: Storage access too slow? With NT-EZ Remote Visualization, big data files don’t have to be transferred to the user’s location to be viewed for post processing. Only keyboard, mouse and screen bits travel to the user location.
  • NT-EZ Storage Guard: This monitors cluster storage usage and alerts the user if available storage is reaching critically low levels. This keeps clusters stable and reliable. Without this feature, the client will run out of storage without warning causing the cluster job to crash.
  • NT-EZ SATM (System Ambient Temperature Monitor): This prevents cluster failure due to excessive heat. SATM emails alerts to the client warning that the server room ambient temperature is too high. When the ambient temperature climbs above a preset threshold the cluster is gracefully shutdown.
  • NT-EZ RCR Rapid Cluster Recovery/Bare Metal Backup: Run manual cluster backups or schedule backups seamlessly. This not only backs up the cluster data, but also backs up an image of both the data and the OS. In the event of a disaster the whole cluster software and applications environment can easily be recovered. This adds a level of reliability to our clusters that many competitors don’t provide.
  • NT-EZ Remote Monitoring & Management: This provides an easy way for our clients to use and manage complex equipment such as a High Performance Compute Cluster without HPC expertise in-house. This service is provided on either a scheduled basis or an as needed basis. The scheduled service allows us to find and fix small problems before they become disasters. This service is sold in blocks of hours ahead of when the service may be needed.
  • NT-EZ AI: Expertly integrated to maximize AI capabilities and deliver the fastest results.  The solution includes CUDA, CUDA Toolkit, PyTorch, TensorFlow, CUDNN, NVIDIA Drivers, Ubuntu and more.
  • NT-EZ Patching Platform: This solution provides an easy platform for patching the head node operating system.  This optional solution virtualizes the head node operating system to provide an environment for easy backup and patching.  Administrators can patch in the background minimizing the negative impact to the end-users.
  • NT-EZ Grafana: An open-source analytics and interactive visualization web application for monitoring application performance. It allows users to ingest data from a wide range of sources, query and display it in customizable charts, set alerts for abnormal behavior, and visualize data on dashboards. Watch the video.

We are continually evaluating additional areas where we can innovate in order to bring more value to our clients.

Nor-Tech’s NT-EZ HPC Support Solutions Overview


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