Nor-Tech was just named to CRN’s list of the top 40 Data Center Infrastructure Providers—joining ranks with IBM, Dell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Lenovo.

We just added Intel’s Cascade Lake SP Processors and Apache Pass Persistent Memory– Try our No Cost, No Strings Demo Cluster now! Sign up for a free trial.

Try the latest HPC cluster software and hardware before you commit. See how much faster the applications you are running on a workstation will run on a cluster.


Need to Test Drive the Latest Cluster Hardware?

The world’s leading cluster hardware providers, such as Intel, leverage our demo cluster to show just how valuable their latest products are. This gives us early access to thoroughly tested cutting-edge hardware. Such as Intel Xeon Phi and OmniPath.  If you want to see the difference this hardware will make on your existing cluster or test your code on high-end platforms before making a commitment take advantage of our demo cluster now.

Need to Test Drive Your Workstation Simulations on a Cluster?

As a widely acknowledged pioneer and leading expert in the HPC space, Nor-Tech has the hardware, software, and expertise to demonstrate the immediate ROI of running your software on a Nor-Tech cluster. This is an excellent opportunity to try out your CAE applications on a cutting-edge Nor-Tech cluster. See the eye-opening performance benefits of transitioning from a desktop/workstation by taking advantage of our demo cluster now.


What sets Nor-Tech Apart

No wait-time support: We don’t put our clients on hold. Learn more about our Industry Leading Support

The right tools for the job: We use higher end HPC Class Ram Memory and enterprise or RAID-edition hard drives.

Comprehensive testing and set-up: We install applications and help our clients test their applications and code on our HPC cluster technology before it leaves our facility. We perform a 72-hour burn-in using LINPACK prior to shipment; set up custom BIOS settings; set up and configure IPMI 2.0; and demonstrate that it is fully operational. We can perform onsite un-boxing, setup, node racking and cluster testing at the client’s location.

Thorough documentation: We provide a complete set of user manuals and a network topology guide, including all MAC and IP addresses; a Visio drawing of the rack layout including cabling; asset tagging and asset spreadsheet (including asset#, serial#, warranty info, Mac addresses, etc). Our servers have serial numbers pre-populated in DMI for easy management and we label all cables with identification tags on both ends.

Safety nets: We provide a cluster recovery disk–a bare metal recovery DVD along with a recovery guide and manual. We can provide a parts closet at the client location. Our clusters all ship with Storage Guard to alert clients before their clusters run out of space and ambient temperature monitoring and reporting which first alerts administrators of excessive ambient temperatures and, if temperatures keep climbing, a graceful shutdown of the cluster is done.

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Stay on the leading edge

Call 952.808.1000 or toll free: 877.808.1010

Want to try out Intel Omni-Path?

Our demo cluster now features Intel Omni-Path. The Intel Omni-Path Architecture (Intel OPA), an element of Intel Scalable System Framework, can scale to 10s of 1,000s of a price competitive with today’s fabrics. The Intel OPA product line is an end-to-end solution of PCIe adapters, silicon, switches, cables, and management software. Intel OPA is designed specifically to address issues of poor HPC performance and expensive scaling in existing standards-based high performance fabrics.  The enhancements of Intel OPA will facilitate the progression toward exascale while cost-effectively supporting clusters of all sizes.  Nor-Tech is Omni-Path Certified.


NICE DCV.jpgDo you have multiple users that need remote access to your cluster applications? Our Demo Cluster is now integrated with revolutionary NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) which enables technical computing users to remotely access 2D/3D interactive applications over a standard network. Contact us now for a trial run.


Demo Cluster Specifications

Clusters are available with any of the following applications/utilities installed and configured:


  • ANSYS: ANSYS Fluent – CFD
  • ANSYS: Mechanical – FEA
  • Altair: Hyperworks – Suite of CAE software
  • CEI Software: Ensight
  • Convergent Science: Converge CFD – Meshless CFD
  • Cradle-CDF: scSTREAM, scTetra
  • Dassault Systemes – Simulia: Abaqus – FEA
  • Lumerical: FDTD Solutions – Photonic Design Tools
  • MSC Software: Marc Nonlinear – FEA
  • Moldex3D: eDesign – Plastic Injection Molding Simulation
  • COMSOL: COMSOL Multiphysics
  • CD-adapco
  • Dassault Systemes Simulia Abaqus & Other Simulation Products
  • OpenFOAM

Cluster Utilities

  • NICE: DCV Remote Visualization
  • NICE: EnginFrame GUI for Job Scheduler & Resource Mgr
  • Altair Compute Manager
  • Ganglia
  • IPMI management
  • Bright Cluster Manager
  • Windows Server 2012/HPC
  • Windows Server 2016/HPC
  • Intel: Compilers & Libraries
  • Intel® HPC Orchestrator
  • OpenHPC
  • Altair PBS Pro & PBS Pro Open

Cluster Hardware

  • Latest AMD EPYC CPUs
  • Latest Intel Xeon CPUs and accelerators
  • Latest InfiniBand and Intel Omni Path Fabric
  • Latest Low Latency Flash Storage

Life Sciences Platform Partners

  • AMBER – Molecular Dynamics
  • CHARMM – Macro Molecular Simulations
  • CHARM++ – Object Oriented Parallel Programming Language
  • GAMESS – Computational Chemistry
  • VMD – Visual Molecular Dynamics
  • NAMD – Nanoscale Molecular Dynamics
  • Trinity – Assemble Transcript Sequences from Illumina
  • RNA Sequence Data
  • CP2K – Open Source Molecular Dynamics
  • Gromacs – Open Source Molecular Dynamics
  • LAMMPS – Open Source Molecular Dynamics Simulator
  • Q-Chem – Open Source Molecular Dynamics Simulator
  • PLUMED – Open Source Library for Free Energy Calculations


  • Nor-Tech Innovates Instantaneous Bare Metal Disaster Recovery- We developed an instantaneous bare metal disaster recovery utility as part of our NT-EZ portfolio of HPC solutions for easy deployment, operation and maintenance. Most HPC technology we ship includes this tool. It allows our clients to immediately bring a crashed server back to its original state without jumping through… ...
  • HPC technology for AI, big data, deep learning? You can actually repurpose your existing high performance computer to accommodate it.- First of all if you don’t already have a high performance computer, you will need to get one (from us).  If you do have HPC technology, we can perform a complete software update to repurpose your technology for AI, big data, and DL applications. We have performed these updates on… ...
  • Nor-Tech Provides HPC Technology for IceCube and LIGO Nobel Prize Projects- A major physics discovery was just announced; the first visible detection of a neutrino event. This was made possible by the powerful HPC technology Nor-Tech continues to provide to two Nobel Physics Prize winning projects, IceCube and LIGO. Recently, IceCube was able to visibly pinpoint the source of a neutrino—in… ...
  • Want to get the most out of a 4-GPU server?- With a smart configuration, 4-GPU servers are amazing powerful. Here’s how to get the most out of these versatile devices. First of all, you are probably looking for the best performance per-watt, per square-foot, per-dollar; lowest total cost of ownership and highest quality components and materials. Right? Nor-Tech’s 4-GPU server… ...
  • Top HPC Clusters and Workstations for AI, ML Developed by Nor-Tech- Nor-Tech, the top experts in Linux-based high-performance technology solutions, just announced they have developed leading-edge clusters and workstations specifically designed for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications. Nor-Tech builds AI/ML clusters and workstations with top tier hardware that includes NVIDIA Volta and Tesla GPUs and Skylake Processors. Software… ...
  • Most powerful HPC technology for oil & gas industry- Did you know that we build the most powerful HPC technology for the oil and gas industry? In fact, we have been serving this sector for nearly two decades—offering complete, easy-to-deploy HPC solutions that include hardware from the world’s most respected providers, such as Intel and NVIDIA. We also offer… ...
  • Top HPC Cluster for Simulation and Modeling Developed by Intel and Nor-Tech- Working collaboratively with Intel, we just developed, what we believe is, the top purpose-built simulation and modeling cluster. The branded NT-HPC Simulation and Modeling Cluster has several key hardware and software components: • Intel Xeon Scalable processors • The Intel Omni-Path architecture HPC fabric for latency-sensitive workloads • Intel Cluster… ...
  • Who Makes the Easiest to Deploy HPC Clusters? We do!- In conjunction with our mission to build the easiest to deploy clusters on the market today, we are the only HPC cluster builder to offer an in-person test-drive to all cluster clients prior to delivery. In other words—even easier to deploy. Clients have come from as far away as Saudi… ...
  • School Technology Provider Lenovo Promotes STEM with Boys & Girls Clubs of America- Yesterday Boys & Girls Clubs of America announced a partnership with Lenovo to help expand its STEM programming nationwide. Lenovo's support involves funding and hosting app lab programming at 10 club sites, including a two-day hackathon this week with the Wake County Boys & Girls Club in Raleigh, N.C. Ten… ...
  • Just rolling out our NT HPC Simulation and Modeling Cluster—a collaborative effort with Intel!- As an Intel Select Solutions Provider for Simulation and Modeling, we have been working with Intel for a while now to develop what we agree is one of the finest HPC clusters for simulation and modeling on the market today. Simulation and modeling applications, such as computer-aided engineering (CAE) and… ...

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