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Nor-Tech’s High Performance Computers for the Oil & Gas Industry

Energy companies face a growing challenge in extracting natural resources under increasingly difficult conditions. To adapt, they must apply sophisticated survey techniques and cutting-edge science and technology to determine the location and character of gas and petroleum deposits.

As advanced technologies continue to refine imaging, mapping, simulation, and monitoring of exploration and production, energy companies are challenged to not just collect, but quantify this data for optimal results—in other words, to transform indiscriminate data into actionable data.

Techniques such as 3D imaging and Wide-Azimuth (WAZ) surveys have multiplied the amount of data companies must capture and process. In fact, HPC datacenters routinely store and manage petabytes (quadrillions of bytes) of data.

Nor-Tech’s high performance computing hardware integrated with software tailored for the oil and gas industry makes processing and utilizing this data fast and effective.

These challenges have expanded beyond traditional oil and gas exploration to include all aspects of the industry—such as the engineering required to extract and refine products. Nor-Tech clusters are currently being used to meet diverse challenges faced by multiple sectors within the industry. Our clusters also power enterprises that support the oil and gas industry.

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    While the HPC technology designed to drive oil and gas exploration continues to change rapidly, the basic requirements do not. Reliability, manageability and flexibility are every bit as important as raw performance when it comes to cost-effective operation. Among Nor-Tech’s considerations for developing HPC hardware are:

    • Scalable architectures with expansion capability
    • High-density clusters, optimized both for top-end I/O and throughput.
    • Powerful and energy-efficient, multi-core CPUs, supporting up to 28 cores and 56 threads per socket
    • Optimization for the software workload
    • Massively scalable storage, equipped with intelligent storage controllers and integrated parallel file systems
    • Robust interconnects


    Nor-Tech has been serving the oil and gas industry for nearly two decades—offering complete high performance computing solutions that include hardware from the world’s most respected providers, such as Intel and NVIDIA, and industry-leading software integration expertise.


    All of Nor-Tech’s HPC technology for the oil and gas industry is backed by our standard-setting NT-EZ HPC Cluster Support Solutions Portfolio

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