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All Flash NVMe Storage from Nor-Tech

In contrast to hard disk drives (HDD) that write data to spinning discs, flash storage has no moving parts.  Instead, it uses high-speed, electrically programmable nonvolatile memory (NVMe) to write data at lightning speed. This boosts performance and dramatically reduces the cost per operation. All-flash storage, or an all-flash array system, contains multiple flash storage drives.

Advantages of All Flash NVMe Storage

  • Large throughput gains (6x) over SAS or SATA
  • Substantial latency improvements (7x)
  • Shared common backplane improves flexibility of drive choice
  • 2.5-inch U.2 (SFF-8639) form factor for improved serviceability vs. PCI-E Flash cards (hot-swap)
  • Improved power efficiency

Nor-Tech: All Flash NVMe Storage Optimization Experts

Nor-Tech’s engineers average 25 years of storage experience—most have been with us over a decade. This means the same expert engineers that optimize your storage solution are easily accessible during business hours for comprehensive support. Nor-Tech helps with storage software selection and configuration of the operating system—tweaking everything for top performance along the way.

Nor-Tech-Supermicro All Flash Storage Solutions

Supermicro develops mission critical all-flash solutions with features that include:

  • Highest storage throughput performance and application responsiveness
  • Broad support of advanced form-factors including EDSFF and U.2
  • Petabyte-scale all-flash NVMe storage in 1U for extreme density and capacity


Ask us about 1U, 2U and larger all flash NVMe storage solutions!

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