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PC/Desktop or Workstation?

When a client is in need of a PC/desktop or workstation, at Nor-Tech we do things differently than our competition. Rather than having a client select between a few pre-fabricated models to see what may work for them, using industry-standard non-proprietary components we build the machine that fits our clients’ needs for both today and years to come. We care about our clients, which is why before making a recommendation we find out how you will be using the PC, what applications you may be running, future upgrades you may want over time, etc. In addition to getting the right machine for you, we stand behind all the systems we build with a 3-year warranty included at no extra charge.

As a Microsoft MVP Top System Builder Award winner, Intel Platinum Level Technology Provider, Authorized Intel integrator, Platinum-level AMD Solution Provider and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Nor-Tech builds PCs/desktops and workstations with quality components without adding trial ware, bloat ware, ad ware, or unnecessary platforms. This means each computer is ready to run as soon as it is unboxed. Our warranty includes Nor-Tech’s famous industry-leading support at no additional cost. Features of our support include:

  • U.S. Based. All support inquiries are routed to our Minnesota headquarters.
  • Flexibility. We provide several options for support including the option for onsite service.
  • No Wait Time. We do not put clients on hold.
  • Expertise. Our certified support staff averages 10+ years of experience.
  • Familiarity. Very often the same team members that built your system are the same team members you speak to for system support.
  • Patience. Our engineers take the time to thoroughly listen before diagnosing the issue. They also explain solutions in terms that those without a deep technology background can understand.
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Voyageur PCs/Desktops

Our Microsoft award-winning custom Voyageur PCs/desktops have been deployed throughout the U.S. from a single unit to deployments in excess of 10,000 units. We ship to resellers, K-12 schools, higher education, healthcare, government organizations, military, enterprises, and more. Among the reasons organizations are opting for Nor-Tech Voyageur desktops/PCs are:

  1. Cost. Nor-Tech will optimize your desktop—meaning you only pay for what you need. This is why we are the price/performance leader.
  2. Processing Power. We use the most current generation of Intel and AMD CPUs in our PCs/desktops. The desktop CPU versions Nor-Tech uses outperform the mobile versions found in laptops (without having the added expense of moving up to a high end laptop). In general, our desktops have more power, features, flexibility, upgradeability and expandability than laptops.
  3. Screen Size. Our desktops can be connected to monitors that feature a variety of sizes and resolutions and typically support multiple monitors simultaneously.
  4. The Keyboard. Our full-sized keyboards with integrated number pads and optical mice are much more efficient and easier to use when working with spreadsheets, formulas, and calculations as opposed to mini keyboards and touchpads found on laptops.
  5. Ergonomics. Because the components of our desktops are separated, the placement of the monitor and keyboard can be adjusted for each user’s comfort. A larger screen typically means less eye strain and fatigue.
  6. Upgradeability. Upgrading Nor-Tech PC/desktop components, whether with a CPU, graphics card, memory or additional drive, is much easier with Nor-Tech’s use of industry standard/non-proprietary components. With mobile devices, upgrades are usually not an option. Upgrades are also much more of a challenge with large manufacturers that require the use of their own proprietary parts.
  7. Repair-ability. Desktops repairs are usually straightforward for Nor-Tech and can be accomplished, in some cases, even by end users. Whereas mobile device repairs, if even possible, are generally more complex, expensive, take considerable skill and require you to wait weeks or even months.

When it comes to real computing power there will always be a preference for desktops in schools, offices, and businesses. Engineers, designers, researchers, and financial analysts running demanding applications, developing complex graphics, creating digital content, performing financial computations, etc. will be more productive, creative, at ease and get the job done faster using a PC/desktop, particularly with multiple screens.


Voyageur Workstations

Need more processing power than a typical PC/desktop can provide? It’s time to think about Nor-Tech’s Voyageur line of innovative, durable, cost-effective, upgradeable workstations. Nor-Tech’s Voyageur workstations feature:

  1. Dedicated Use. Workstations are usually tailored to a particular trade or function to optimize productivity and results and reduce time needed to complete tasks.
  2. Cost/Performance. While the investment in a workstation is typically more than that of a standard desktop, the increased ROI gained by using a purpose built, more powerful, higher performance system actually reduces the cost of doing business and makes your employees more productive.
  3. Power. Purpose-built Nor-Tech workstations are often optimized to handle tasks such as animation, data analysis, CAD, video and audio creation and editing, and even some simulations; they can support multiple professional-grade graphics cards. Even an entry-level workstation can be configured with about twice the memory of a desktop.
  4. Durability. Each part (motherboard, CPU, RAM, internal drives, video cards, etc.) is typically more robust than desktop components and is selected with the expectation that users need peak performance 24/7/365.
  5. Speed. Speed gains are typical and often significant; for example the same file that opens in 15 seconds on a desktop can open in as little as 2 seconds on a workstation.
  6. Flexibility. A workstation can be configured with more processors than a PC–and processors that are more powerful. They can run up to 8 high-end graphics cards for CUDA or OpenCL computations or even use Intel Phi co-processors all for parallel computing. RAID configurations or massive amounts of memory, Enterprise class SSD drives, and more are available.
  7. Expandability. Workstations are designed from the ground up to make it easy to add hard drives, increase RAM, add graphics cards, etc. and get the best ROI for your IT budget.



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