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NVIDIA AI Enterprise and NVIDIA L40S GPU

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NVIDIA AI Enterprise

The “Operating System” for Enterprise AI

NVIDIA AI Enterprise is an end-to-end, cloud-native software platform that accelerates data science pipelines and streamlines development and deployment of production-grade AI applications, including generative AI. Enterprises that run their businesses on AI rely on the security, support, and stability provided by NVIDIA AI Enterprise to ensure a smooth transition from pilot to production.

Benefits of NVIDIA AI Enterprise

  • Improves productivity and lowers costs with accelerated computing.
  • Frees teams to build innovative AI solutions with enterprise-grade security, reliability, and support.
  • Is cloud-native and certified to run anywhere and on current and prior GPU generations.
  • Speeds time to production with AI workflows and pretrained models


Optimized so every organization can be ready for AI for AI Deployments

Every step of the AI workflow is streamlined, from data prep, to training, to inference and deployment and AI practitioners can train on complex neural network models as well as tree-based models. Optimized for AI development and deployment, NVIDIA AI Enterprise includes proven, open-sourced containers and frameworks that ease adoption of enterprise AI such as conversational AI often used for automated customer support and digital sales agents and computer vision used for segmentation, classification and detection.

Includes AI frameworks and containers for performance optimized DL/ML tools to simplify building and deploying AI on prem or in the cloud.


Certified to deploy anywhere

The NVIDIA AI Enterprise software is containerized to allow portability for enterprises who need a consistent environment irrespective of where they choose to deploy AI. Available everywhere from public cloud, OEM systems, workstations, data centers, to NVIDIA DGX platform, NVIDIA AI Enterprise is optimized and certified to ensure reliable performance and to reduce the risk associated with moving from pilot to production caused by infrastructure and architectural differences between environments.


Speed Time to Production

AI workflows are cloud native, prepackaged reference examples for enterprises to jumpstart building AI solutions, including generative AI knowledge base chatbot, spear phishing detection, intelligent virtual assistants, cybersecurity digital fingerprinting for anomaly detection, product recommendations, and more. They can run as microservices and can be deployed on Kubernetes alone or with other microservices to create production ready applications. NVIDIA AI workflows can accelerate the path to delivering AI outcomes, reduce time to deployment, lower costs, and improve accuracy and performance.



To transform with AI, enterprises need to deploy more compute resources at a larger scale.  With existing pressure to boost performance, efficiency, and ROI, modern data centers need universal computing solutions that provide accelerated compute, graphics, and video processing capabilities for an ever-increasing set of complex and diverse workloads. Introducing the NVIDIA L40S GPU for AI.



  • Fourth-Generation Tensor Cores: Hardware support for structural sparsity and optimized TF32 format provides out of-the-box performance gains for faster AI and data science model training.
  • Third-Generation RT Cores: Enhanced throughput and concurrent ray-tracing and shading capabilities improve ray-tracing performance, accelerating renders for product design and architecture, engineering, and construction workflows.
  • CUDA Cores: Accelerated single-precision floating point (FP32) throughput and improved power efficiency significantly boost performance for workflows like 3D model development and computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation.
  • Transformer Engine: This dramatically accelerates AI performance and improves memory utilization for both training and inference. Harnessing the power of the Ada Lovelace fourth-generation Tensor Cores, Transformer Engine intelligently scans the layers of transformer architecture neural networks and automatically recasts between FP8 and FP16 precisions to deliver faster AI performance and accelerate training and inference.
  • Efficiency and Security: the L40S GPU is optimized for 24/7 enterprise data center operations and designed, built, tested, and supported by NVIDIA to ensure maximum performance, durability, and uptime. The L40S GPU meets the latest data center standards, is Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) Level 3 ready, and features secure boot with root of trust technology, providing an additional layer of security for data centers.
  • DLSS 3: This breakthrough frame-generation technology leverages deep learning and the latest hardware innovations within the Ada Lovelace architecture and the L40S GPU.



  • FP32: 6 teraflops
  • TF32 Tensor Core: 366 teraflops*
  • FP16: 733 teraflops*
  • FP8: 1,466 teraflops*
  • RT Core Performance: 212 teraflops
  • Max Power Consumption: 350W

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Supported by NVIDIA

With NVIDIA Enterprise Support included, both the AI practitioner and IT administrative teams have access to NVIDIA experts globally, for coordinated support across the full solution including partner products, as well as control of upgrade and maintenance schedules with long term support (LTS) options, and access to instructor led customer training and knowledge base resources.

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