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Nor-Tech Offers Best-in-Class HPC Engineering

Nor-Tech has one of the most highly respected technology engineering teams in the world—capable of everything from minor tweaks that solve big problems to complex hardware and software integrations that other engineers won’t touch. Linux expertise is one of the many areas where we really shine.
While there are bigger HPC technology providers, there are not any that offer better support than Nor-Tech. Everyone on our engineering team has been at Nor-Tech for more than 10 years—we don’t have the turnover that our bigger competitors have. The same engineers that build your technology are easily accessible during business hours to answer questions and explain complicated procedures in terms that even people without a technology background can understand.

Our engineers can create a solution for almost any situation—“out of thin air” as they like to say. They are energized, rather than defeated, by impossible challenges.

Experience and Expertise

Nor-Tech’s engineers average 25 years of experience. They are leading experts in areas such as:

  • Linux
  • HPC technology with MS operating systems
  • Low latency networks
  • Storage
  • Visualization

Linux/Open Source Expertise

Our engineers average 12 years of experience with Linux alone. They understand Linux, how it integrates into HPC and its applications better than anyone else.


• Nor-Tech continues to create HPC technology for two projects that were either nominated for or won a Nobel Physics Prize.
• Nor-Tech was the only HPC technology solution provider selected by NASA to showcase their technology and capabilities at a Washington D.C. event for legislators
• We were named a CRN Top Data Center Infrastructure Builder
• We have achieved multiple high-level partner certifications


  • Nor-Tech is the first HPC technology provider to offer a no wait-time support guarantee.
  • They innovated and developed the Demo Cluster—a cutting-edge tool, available free-of-charge to the public, for testing code on the latest hardware and software.
  • They engineered a solution that allows large-scale scientific projects to run data with much less expensive consumer-grade GPUs.
  • They develop or leverage unique cabinets and configurations that enable HPC technology to be used in harsh environments, offices, and in a variety of environments (portable)—bringing powerful HPC solutions outside of the traditional data center.
  • Nor-Tech’s proprietary Quick Start Guide is customized for each client and each HPC build.
  • Nor-Tech includes color-coded cables—simplifying set up and reconfiguration
  • Nor-Tech is the first HPC technology provider to offer a no wait-time support guarantee.

This is Why Clients Love Our Engineers…

The highlight of our relationship with Nor-Tech has been their ability to accommodate our increasing GPU needs in an efficient and sustainable way. We don’t want to pay a premium for features that we don’t need. Their capability of customizing the systems to our needs was important. It provides us with an enormous amount of computing capacity for the budget that we have. Nor-Tech has been a key partner for us for a long time.
-Computing Facilities Manager, Major Research University

I’ll be honest here. Some of the larger companies and brands out there are extremely hard to get in touch with. There was none of this nonsense with Nor-Tech.
-NCMS Mechanical Engineering Division Manager NCMS Saudi Arabia

Nor-Tech’s engineering staff has always been very good at technical details. If I need to know a very fine detail I know he will have the answer. I have always been satisfied with how responsive they are and the turnaround time for service and support is terrific.
-Senior Scientist, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Center for Gravitation, Cosmology, and Astrophysics

Nor-Tech invited me to their facility and I was able to see how the components performed with the software on our existing cluster. That provided me with the assurance that we would be able to operate and maintain the new cluster without issues.
-Computational Modeling Technology Manager, National Manufacturing Innovator

During the hardware-specification phase, I emailed and talked with engineers from Nor-Tech almost every day. They were always courteous and helpful, and gave us many good tips to help us get the best hardware configuration for our needs while staying within budget. Their good customer service didn’t stop after shipping. The salespeople and engineers at Nor-Tech are so knowledgeable about their products and so responsive and helpful that I actually found it a lot of fun to work with them.
-Senior Postdoctoral Fellow Physics & Astronomy, University of California., LA

When the time comes for more power, I would feel confident purchasing again from Nor-Tech because of service and their ability to deliver everything they said they would and then some. I usually get an immediate response when I have a service request. They have been stellar in every regard. I would definitely recommend Nor-Tech.
-Motor Innovation Company’s Manager for the Engineering, Simulation Group

I just started searching online–looking for companies that had offerings in the office cluster space; less than 1,000 cores that you could put in an office. Nor-Tech had the most credibility—testimonials, case studies…things like that on their website. They were really the only company that offered what I was looking for in terms of product and also credibility.
-Senior Research Associate for Owens Corning

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