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  • Simplify access to applications and computing resources
  • Increase usability and user friendliness
  • Maintain flexibility and control


With NICE DCV and EnginFrame get the same powerful performance you rely on in your office, lab, classroom, or remote location to keep up with complex workloads such as interactive graphics, data analytics, machine learning, and AI.

NICE DCV–remote display protocol

NICE DCV is a high-performance remote display protocol that provides you with a secure way to deliver remote HPC and CAD functionality and application streaming from any data center on prem or cloud to any device, over varying network conditions.

  • With NICE DCV, you do not need to choose between responsiveness and image quality. The bandwidth-adaptive streaming protocol allows NICE DCV to provide near real-time responsiveness for your applications without compromising the accuracy of the image. Alternately, you can adjust resolution based on available bandwidth.
  • A highly responsive streaming experience allows you to run graphics-intensive applications remotely.  On Linux systems, NICE DCV also enables multiple sessions to share a single GPU.
  • By using Citrix 7.x or VMware vSphere 6.x you can host Windows guests. You can assign  vGPUs to Windows guests; grid GPUs may require a license.
  • Multi-OS compatibility and browser-based access provides service builders with a stable and flexible protocol for streaming applications.
  • NICE DCV streams pixels and not geometries to ensure that your data stays private. In addition, NICE DCV secures both pixels and end-user inputs using WebSocket and TLS encryption to ensure data security.
  • NICE DCV supports both Windows and Linux remote environments across a wide range of usage scenarios from accessing productivity applications on mobile devices to providing a responsive, high-quality experience to the most demanding high-end graphics technology users.
  • NICE DCV offers native clients for Windows, Linux, and MacOS as well as an HTML5 client for web browser access.

    – framework solutions software for H.264 acceleration

Simplify the deployment of technical and scientific applications. With EnginFrame, you can set up a fully functional HPC cluster in less than an hour and then access it through a simple user interface.

  • EnginFrame is an advanced web based HPC and CAD Portal for the technical computing domain, with a proven track record of successful production deployments within corporate networks and research environments.
  • It enables efficient online access to HPC-enabled infrastructures. HPC clusters, CAD clusters, data, licenses, batch & interactive applications can be accessed by any client using a standard browser.
  • It supports all common HPC schedulers such as SLURM, SGE and its derivatives, LSF, PBS Pro, Torque, Ubuntu, Rocky Linux and more.
  • The open and highly customizable framework of EnginFrame facilitates deployment of user-friendly, application- and data-oriented portals meeting the remote demands of the full range of HPC applications.
  • With EnginFrame, HPC users and administrators can easily submit and control HPC applications, as well as monitor workload, data, and licenses from within the same user dashboard.




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Nor-Tech is a primary NICE distributor for the Americas for on premises deployment.

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