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CentOS 7 EOL


CentOS 7 updates and security patches will end on June 30, 2024.

Nor-Tech, which is monitoring both rockylinux.org/ and following direction from the OpenHPC steering committee, will continue to base its strategy on advice from recognized authorities and its own world-class team of open-source engineers.

Nor-Tech is currently evaluating and/or benchmarking

alternatives such as Rocky Linux.

Rocky Linux

Rocky Linux is a community enterprise operating system, currently under development, with the focused intention of keeping Rocky Linux in the hands of the open-source community. Carefully devising this strategy ensures that Rocky Linux will never meet the same fate as CentOS.

The infrastructure is being built from the ground up by collaborators and sponsoring organizations around composability, stability and security compliance. It will provide the substrate for, not only the base operating system, but also an entire community of diverse applications.

Among its many benefits are:

  • Focus on stability with no unnecessary updates.
  • Can be pared down to a minimum system that allocates maximum computing power to business-critical applications.
  • Assurance that the operating system will remain truly open source


Cost-Effective Support for Rock Linux

Nor-Tech has the credentials and qualifications to deliver Level 1 support for Rocky Linux. Our engineers average 12 years of experience with Linux alone. We understand Linux, how it integrates into HPC and its applications better than anyone else. For escalated support, we recommend CIQ, the founding sponsor and partner behind Rocky Linux.


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