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Innovative HPC Solutions from Nor-Tech

At the forefront of HPC innovation, Nor-Tech offers a variety of HPC clusters; including standard rackmount clusters, GPU clusters and visualization clusters, as well as the award-winning Portable Cluster. Nor-Tech has developed and built clusters for a wide range of scientific applications, including projects funded by the NSF, NIH and DARPA. Check out our library of Case Studies for more on these exciting projects.

Recently, Nor-Tech has led the charge in the development of GPU/CUDA/OpenCL Clusters, and worked with other innovators to improve benchmarking software for GPUs. Nor-Tech’s unwavering commitment to a positive customer experience is one of the many reasons for Nor-Tech’s strong partnerships with leading OEMs.

Nor-Tech’s HPC clusters are changing the world through…

    • The detection of the first gravitational wave that ultimately confirmed Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
    • The discovery of the origin of the universe through the study of cataclysmic astrophysical events involving exploding stars and black holes
    • The search for Alzheimer’s and PTSD cures
    • Research into Type II Diabetes
    • The design and ultimate development of a futuristic transportation system
    • The successful development of cars that fly
    • The design and development of the world’s fastest luxury airplanes
    • The design and development of a revolutionary combustion motor
    • Research into hydropower and wind energy
    • The exploration of oil and gas fields through onsite field data analysis
    • Weather research and forecasting
    • Research into nucleation and crystallization
    • Research into the reduction of aircraft noise and airline safety
    • The development of molecular computational methods and reactive processes
    • Research into the stabilization and formulation of biopharmaceuticals

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What Sets Nor-Tech Apart from Every Other HPC Cluster Builder?

  • We have the industry knowledge to configure solutions that meet exacting customer requirements.
  • We maintain strong partnerships with leading hardware and software OEMs and only work with the best components for the application.
  • Nor-Tech’s innovative approach to integration and deployment enables plug & play setup at the client site.
  • Client testing before shipment ensures each cluster is fully configured and ready to deploy when it leaves our facility.
  • We provide a complete set of references including user manuals, a network topology guide, and a Visio drawing.
  • We label all cables with ID tags on both ends.
  • We provide a customized bare metal cluster recovery disk.
  • Every client is asked to log into their new cluster just after burn-in completion to verify operation and setup users.
  • We assist clients with job script creation.
  • Our clusters all ship with Storage Guard to alert clients before their clusters run out of space; and ambient temperature monitoring and protection to protect clusters in the event air conditioning fails.
  • We guarantee no wait-time support.
  • Everything we sell is built by us in Minnesota and supported by us around the world.

Studies Conclude: On-Prem HPC Makes More Sense than Cloud

There is a lot of incomplete information about the benefits of cloud over on-prem HPC. However private and public entities with the resources to thoroughly research this topic conclude that, for most high-level applications, on-prem HPC makes more sense than cloud.

Resources Demonstrating the Advantages of HPC over Cloud

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