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Quiet Engineering Workstation

Quiet Workstation for Engineering Applications

Hear it for Yourself.

More and more computing power requires more and more cooling. Generating enough cooling in traditional workstations has always created disruptive noise.

Nor-Tech Has the Solution

We have developed a proprietary ultra-quiet engineering workstation for serious users that require a significant amount of computing cores in a workplace environment.

The less than 51 decibels (dB) generated by the quiet workstation is about the same sound level generated by a standard personal computer.

This quiet workstation was created with the intense processing demands of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in mind.  Noise isn’t a factor–engineers are free to push the system’s performance limits.

These workstations are packed with a multitude of cores using dual processor configurations to meet the demanding computing needs of simulation and modeling workstations.


Nor-Tech offers two configurations in addition to customization.



Silent Mid-Tower case w/1000W Power Supply

Dual Intel XEON 6348 28-core 2.6GHz

256GB DDR4 3200MHz ECC Reg. DIMM

480TB M.2 NVMe Solid State Drive

Two 4TB SATA Hard Drives

RTX A4000 Video Card

3YR WARRANTY…$14,799


Silent Mid-Tower case w/1000W Power Supply

Dual Intel XEON 6348 28-core 2.6GHz

1024GB DDR4 3200MHz ECC Reg. DIMM

960TB M.2 NVMe Solid State Drive

Two 20TB SATA Hard Drives

RTX A6000 Video Card

3YR WARRANTY…$26,396

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