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Nor-Tech’s Cost-Effective, Sturdy Technology for Education

At Nor-Tech, we are dedicated to delivering the best learning experience to every student in every classroom. Our Lenovo, HP and customizable Voyageur-brand solutions support both traditional and innovative educators that are as enthusiastic about the learning experience as we are.

We put the teacher at the center—offering technology that enables educators to elicit the best performance from every student; students, teachers, and technology to work together to create a seamless learning process   The classroom technology we offer is:

  • Designed for teachers. Easy to deploy and intuitive to use.
  • Optimized for the learning experience. Access to resources, information and functionality is just a couple clicks away.
  • Cost. Nor-Tech desktops are purpose-optimized —meaning schools only pay for what they need. This is why Nor-Tech is the price/performance leader.
  • Processing Power.  The desktops, laptops, and tablets we offer for education applications have more power, features, flexibility and expandability for the price than any other technology.
  • Sturdiness/Repair-ability/Clone-ability. Nor-Tech’s technology is built to survive the day-to-day mishaps that occur in most schools.  When necessary, repairs are usually straightforward with little downtime. If damaged beyond repair, our Voyageur technology is easy for us to clone.


Our portfolio includes Lenovo, HP, and our own industry-leading custom Voyageur technology. It is all designed with K-12 students in mind. Choose the student computers you need to meet your unique learning objectives.

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