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Cost Comparison of Cloud v On Prem

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    Have you considered all the costs of cloud and on prem computing?

    1. The number one consideration is workload.  If, as with most HPC systems, the overall workload is more than 80%, Nor-Tech calculated the ROI for on-premises computing to be about nine months.
    2. Taking into consideration that lifecycles for on-premises systems are a minimum of three years, there is substantial savings in deploying on-premises over cloud even factoring in ongoing power, cooling, and management costs of on-premises computing.
    3. Frequency is the most important factor for performance in HPC computing. Generally, lower core count processors have faster frequencies. Cloud providers use high core count processors to improve overall computing density.
    4. Application software is significantly more expensive than hardware. Cloud provider’s fees are usually based on time used–the longer it takes to run in the cloud, the more it costs. So, the faster the job solves, the less the software cost for that job.



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