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Nor-Tech Executive Profiles

Jeff Olson Executive vice president

Jeff joined Nor-Tech in 1998. It was an exciting opportunity to be part of a startup and participate in the decision-making and direction of the company. After working with larger companies in the technology industry, he was convinced that clients would be served better in Nor-Tech’s more dynamic, nimble environment.

In 2017, he took over the top leadership position. Since then, he has solidified the company’s financial situation and positioned it for long-term growth.

Jeff created a new culture at Nor-Tech, infusing the degree of professionalism and discipline required to take the company to the next level. In essence, he built on what was already great, particularly the company’s reputation for world class engineering and personalized customer service, and created a strong support structure around it.

Jeff was able to secure a coveted Minnesota State Buy.IT contract for the company, oversee a major update to the current website, create a second website for contract buyers, and achieve Lenovo Authorized Service Provider status for the company. He also maintains GSA contract status

He continually moves in the direction of expanding higher-end hardware and software in order to set Nor-Tech apart from the competition. All of Nor-Tech’s vendors have a long-standing reputation in the industry, but Jeff is particularly proud of Nor-Tech’s partnerships with Intel AMD, NVIDIA, Lenovo, HP and Supermicro.

Jeff is convinced that the focus on HPC server, cluster and workstation integration with onsite and remote technical services will continue to drive Nor-Tech’s success well into the future.

Jeff works hard to build long-lasting relationships with clients and vendors to further his reputation as a trusted technology partner. In his spare time, Jeff is an avid skier and enjoys time with family.

Dominic Daninger Vice President of Engineering

Dominic has more than 40 years of experience in the computer industry dating back to the era of Intel’s 4-bit 4004 CPU. He holds a key patent for the PC keyboard industry. He started working as the Engineering Manager at Reason in 1991 where he headed design, development, and project engineering—including hardware and software development. When Reason was acquired by Nor-Tech in 2003, Dominic made the transition.

At Nor-Tech, Dominic heads new product development with special emphasis on HPC and high-end storage products. He manages a team of technicians and engineers focused on development, integration, and field service. Dominic’s goal is for his team to service all clients so exceptionally that they become references for new clients.

His professional accomplishments include: CCNA/Qlogic/InfiniBand Specialist certification, and membership on Microsoft’s HPC Advisory board. He is also on advisory boards for Ohio Supercomputer Center OOD, and Hyperion Research.

Dominic received a B.A. in Business Administration from St. Paul’s Metropolitan State University with additional four years of technical college education. He is active in his church and community and is a long-term member of advisory boards for several educational institutions. He is also a private pilot and enjoys flying drones and photography.

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