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OffSight™ Remote Monitoring Solution

impiRest easier while enjoying greater uptime and productivity—OffSight gives you the power to manage and monitor your servers and clusters anytime, anywhere.

OffSight is an invaluable service Nor-Tech offers to cluster and server customers, which gives IT professionals much greater flexibility in how they manage and monitor their servers and clusers, allowing network access from just about anywhere at anytime. OffSight uses Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) which operates independently of the operating system and allows administrators to manage a system remotely. IPMI exposes management data and structures to the system management software.

See a sample of the OffSite Remote Monitoring Report our customers receive:

  • Remote KVM (graphics) console
  • Virtual Media and ISO images
  • Remote Serial over LAN (text console)
  • Overall health display on the main page
  • Option to change LAN connection interface at Runtime
  • Supports WSMAN as well as WS-CIM
  • RADIUS authentication support
  • Secure browser interface (Secure socket layer (SSL) support)
  • Supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
  • Supports windows active directory
  • DCMI 1.0 support
  • Back up and restore configuration file
  • Factory Defaults from Web
  • Video quality settings
  • Record video and play
  • Server data / information (FRU)
  • Preview of the remote screen on the main page
  • OS independent

  • Request Info

      resellerend user

    The Nuvoton WPCM450 Controller, a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC), supports the 2D/VGA-compatible Graphics Core with support of PCI interface, multimedia virtualization, and Keyboard/Video/Mouse Redirection (KVMR) modules. The WPCM450 Controller is ideal for server management platforms.

    The WPCM450 interfaces with the host system via a PCI interface to communicate with the Graphics core. It supports USB 2.0 and 1.1 for remote keyboard /mouse / virtual media emulation. It also provides LPC interface to control Super IO functions. The WPCM450 is connected to the network via an external Ethernet PHY module or shared NCSI connections.

    WPCM450 has integrated Graphics (Matrox G200)

    -1600×1200, 16bpp @ 75hz (Without KVM redirection)
    -1280×1024, 16bpp @ 85hz
    -1280×1024, 32bpp @ 60hz
    -1024×768, 32 bpp @85Hz
    -16M VGA memory
    -Windows, Redhat, and SLES driver support.

    Firmware on the card is feature-rich

    IPMI 2.0 based management

    • BMC stack with a full IPMI 2.0 implementation
    • Hardware health monitor
    • Remote power control

    Keyboard, Video & Mouse (KVM) Console Redirection with multi language support
    Serial over LAN (SOL)
    Media Redirection

    • Simultaneous floppy and CD/ DVD redirection
    • Efficient USB 2.0-based CD/DVD redirection, with typical speed greater than 15xCD
    • Support for USB key

    VLAN support
    Event Log and Alerting

    • Read Log events
    • Full SMTP support
    • Sensor readings
    • SNMP trap
    • Email alerts

    Sophisticated User Management

    • IPMI based user management
    • Added security with SSL (HTTPS)
    • Multiple user permission level
    • Multiple user profiles

    Active Directory/LDAP Client support

    • Direct LDAP support from the device
    • Windows Active Directory and Open-LDAP

    Common Information Model (CIM)

    • CIM Object Manager (CIMOM)
    • True Object Manager with CIM class handling
    • Creating class, instance and working with the instances
    • Core support for all DMTF profiles

    SMASH and CLP support

    • SSH based SOL
    • Power control of the server
    • Support for all DMTF Profiles
    • Complete command support

    Active Directory/LDAP Client support

    • Direct LDAP support from the device
    • Windows Active Directory and Open-LDAP

    Web based configuration

    • Full configuration using web UI

    Firmware Firewall
    Watchdog Timer
    Fail-safe firmware upgrade
    Tools to flash firmware in DOS, Linux and Windows

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