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Nor-Tech breaks through with their ultra-high-resolution Personal Geowall 2

portablegeowallRecognized in the industry as high-end innovators, Nor-Tech continues to blaze new trails with the development of the Personal Geowall 2, which combines a tiled Vizualization Wall with 3D Stereoscopic Vision, all driven by a Nor-Tech cluster.

The actual display wall of the Personal Geowall 2 is tiled with 4 NEC 30-inch LCDs. The award-winning NEC displays are built using the latest H-IPS panel technology from LG. Like similar 30-inch desktop displays, the 3090WQXi offers a native resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. So high, is this resolution, that each display requires two DVI links to support the 2560 x 1600 pixels. This unit is rated to cover nearly 98% of Adobe RGB, important for photo editing, plus 102% of the NTSC color gamut. It even supports 12-bit internal lookup tables, for better calibration and accuracy.

In addition to developing and assembling the Personal Geowall 2, Nor-Tech also installed the entire system on-site and provided training for the customer.




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    A whole new dimension of visualization

    Nor-Tech’s GeoWall is a practical 3D display system that combines advanced graphics PCs and specially calibrated digital projectors to display three-dimensional presentations with ease and versatility.

    Using 3D and high-resolution technology, GeoWall allows audiences to view and interact with spatially immersive content.

    How GeoWall works: An advanced graphics PC controls two digital projectors that use polarized light to display slightly offsetting images on a silvered screen. Glasses with polarizing filters block one image from each eye, creating the stereoscopic effect.

    GeoWall aids in understanding the dynamics of spatial relationships using 3D visualization structure. As a tool for educators, GeoWall results in accelerated comprehension and retention of lessons that involve understanding 3D structures, especially in the fields of medicine and geology. Geowall is also perfectly suited for use in scientific research, particularly in the fields of ecology, chemistry, astronomy and biology.

    With its customizability and affordability, GeoWall is an ideal solution for commercial and professional enterprises as well as healthcare, oil & gas and military applications. GeoWall2: revolutionary resolution

    For 2D visualization applications requiring extraordinarily high resolutions, Nor-Tech also offers GeoWall2, the next-generation visualization solution . Instead of 3D projection, GeoWall2 consists of tiled LCDs and can achieve a resolution of around 30 million pixels.

    Nor-Tech enjoys a reputation for excellence in the scientific computing industry and extends these expertise into the realm of visualization. In addition to our innovative cluster solutions, Nor-Tech designs, builds and installs state-of-the-art visualization clusters. Contact us today for more information.

    A fully-rendered solution

    Nor-Tech custom designs its solutions to meet your budget and productivity needs. You will receive your GeoWall with software pre-loaded for you. All of your 3D hardware needs will be maintained by calling one support number.

    Whether you are an experienced user or this is your first experience with Geowall, installation is simple with support options close by to get you operational in very little time.

    Call us for all your visualization and scientific computing needs. At Nor-Tech, we believe in doing things right the first time. The customer’s needs are always our highest priority. We will listen to your needs and make recommendations but you are the customer and our goal is to provide exactly what you’re looking for.

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