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Nor-Tech’s Ultra Quiet Office Cluster

icon-pdf The Perfectly Quiet Office Cluster

Until now, one of the primary roadblocks to upgrading from a workstation to a cluster has been noise. Nor-Tech’s ultra-low-noise fully customizable, compact supercomputers are designed to integrate easily into office environments and feature cooling along with very efficient power usage. Maintenance is simple thanks to the cabinet’s detachable rear and side access panels and cable management trays that keep the unit uncluttered.


Nor-Tech’s low-noise clusters feature:

  • 28.5dBA noise reduction – up to five times quieter than a standard cluster cabinet.
  • 7.2 kW heat dissipation – dissipated heat is equivalent to seven, single-bar electric radiators. Excessive heat can have a catastrophic effect on any rack mounted installation.
  • A range of heights: 12U, 24U, and 42U (all are 30.7 inches wide and 43.3 inches deep).
  • Expandability: we recommend ordering a cabinet big enough to allow for future expandability.
  • Portability: the clusters are equipped with sturdy lockable castors. A shipping container with a rolling ramp is also available.
  • Compatibility with all server configurations, including blade servers.
  • A double continuous gasket system with automatic pressure equalization valve for optimal environmental protection.
  • A chassis lines with shock absorbers to keep the system protected from sudden impact and sustained vibration.
  • Options: dust filters, ventilation systems, cable entry boxes, and more
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    Hear just how quiet these clusters are, watch this short video:

    For reference, 70dBA is equivalent to the volume of a vacuum cleaner. A single blade server produces about 78dBA of noise. Removing that 28.5dBA of noise reduces the sound to just above a whisper. This means most people will not be able to hear the cluster operating inside the cabinet. While the benefits of this are enormous, the cost differential is not. These cabinets only add about 10%-15% to the total cluster cost—easily recouped by eliminating the need for dedicated server space and allowing for mobility from department to department.

    Note that while the noise-reducing cabinet provides some protection for the cluster, it is not a ruggedized case. However Nor-Tech offers ruggedized cases also.


    Click here for the full rundown.

    In a nutshell:

    • We start with the right tools for the job such as HPC-class RAM memory and Enterprise/Datacenter hard drives.
    • All clusters leave Nor-Tech already set to the client’s IP and DNS scheme; setup is plug & play at the client site.
    • We ensure each cluster is fully configured and ready to deploy when it leaves our facility.
    • We provide a complete set of references including user manuals, a network topology guide, and a Visio drawing.
    • We label all cables with ID tags on both ends.
    • We provide a customized bare metal cluster recovery disk.
    • Every client is asked to log into their new cluster just after burn-in completion to verify operation and setup users.
    • We assist clients with job script creation.
    • Our clusters all ship with Storage Guard to alert clients before their clusters run out of space; and ambient temperature monitoring and protection to protect clusters in the event air conditioning fails.
    • Our clients have the option of an onsite spare parts closet for minimum down time in the event of a hardware failure.
    • We guarantee no wait-time support.
    • Everything we sell is built by us in Minnesota and supported by us around the world.

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