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Intel® HPC Orchestrator

HPC Orchestrator is Intel’s version of the OpenHPC platform, which is an open source framework for operating HPC clusters. HPC Orchestrator is a licensed, value-added version of OpenHPC and is supported by Intel and Nor-Tech. We worked with Intel on testing and development for several months prior to the release.

HPC Orchestrator is designed to simplify HPC system software stack implementation and maintenance. It provides a pre-integrated, pre-tested, and pre-validated software stack that can significantly reduce the time required to integrate, configure, and maintain a validated, reliable system software stack.

HPC Orchestrator utilizes a hierarchical structure, allowing dependency tracking across multiple MPI and compiler families. The system software stack is modular and customizable, enabling components to be easily substituted and revalidated. HPC Orchestrator will continue to leverage new OpenHPC innovations and improvements in the future.


Intel HPC Orchestrator system software stack includes a collection of integrated software components commonly used in the HPC community. These components provide diverse functionality ranging from administrative tools for provisioning and resource management to a flexible, end-user focused development environment with a variety of scientific libraries and tools. The system software is integrated, validated and supported with updates and technical support provided by a team of experienced Intel HPC software engineers.

Watch this 3-minute overview video on HPC Orchestrator:

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Compute Node Boot Types: diskless and diskful
  • Provisioning Methods:
    • Bare metal installation
    • Warewulf base
    • Image-based provisioning
    • PXE-based provisioning
    • Templated installation scripts
    • Editable configuration input file
  • Hierarchical structure, multiple development environment support
    • Multiple MPI families
    • Common scientific libraries included for multiple MPI/compiler combinations
  • Includes integrated administrative tools and flexible development environment
  • Utilizes common Linux update mechanisms (e.g. YUM, Zypper)

HPC Orchestrator is available in three editions designed for progressively larger HPC infrastructure deployments.

  1. The first edition covers the vast majority of the market, comprising relatively small deployments of a few racks.
  2. The mid-level edition is geared towards deployments on the scale of the world’s top 500 supercomputers.
  3. The third edition is a flagship product for the very largest 50,000-100,000 node HPC systems.
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