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ScaleMatrix + DCC Cabinets

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Dynamic Density Control™ Technology Cools 52kW in a Single Cabinet Enclosure

Today’s HPC workloads require an ever-increasing amount of power and cooling and traditional data centers are simply not designed to support this load. Nor-Tech now offers the Dynamic Density Control™ (DDC) platform to clients needing to ensure optimal cooling and hardware performance. DDC is a high-density, high-efficiency cabinet technology platform for the most demanding AI, deep learning, and HPC workloads.

DDC cabinets scale from 1kW-52kW dynamically, with a PUE of 1.1 or better which ensures maximum efficiency resulting in cost savings for the client. DDC cabinets are available  wherever the needs exist—in ScaleMatrix’ high-density data centers or on the client’s premise or edge. DDC cabinets are modular, making their deployment to existing facilities simple and fast.


  • Packages include DDC cabinet enclosures, aquatherm connections and cooling
  • Available options for redundancy, business continuity, monitoring and environmental
  • Add power and internet connectivity for dynamic, high-density data center deployment
  • No downtime or service impact required
  • Works with existing hot/cold aisle layouts
  • Result is improved environmental control, greater flexibility, and long-term future proofing

DCC Cabinet Brochure

About ScaleMatrix Variable Density Data Centers

  • Locations in San Diego, Charlotte, Dallas, Seattle, and growing
  • HPE’s Center of Excellence for HPC Partner (1st in North America)
  • NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center Partner
  • Supports compliance and security requirements
  • Efficient data centers built from the ground up to deal with airflow, temperature management, and thermal density
  • 24/7/365 professional support team

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