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Nor-Tech Hybrid GPU/CPU HPC Cluster

Custom configured as detailed below:

Other configurations available starting at less than $19,999. See www.nor-tech.com/hpc


  • Head Node 2x1TB SATA Enterpise Class Hard Drive in RAID 1
  • Compute Node(s) 3x300GB SAS Enterpise Class Hard Drive in RAID 0
  • 30 Compute Processor Cores / 60 Threads / 10752 CUDA Cores
  • HPC Class Ram Memory and Enterprise Raid Edition Hard Drives (All Nodes)
  • QDR 40Gb/s Infiniband interconnect with Constant Bisectional Bandwidth — 8 Port QDR Switch
  • Open Rack including Power Distribution
  • Bare metal recovery
  • 16 Port Full Gigabit Switch (Layer 2)
  • Cluster OS , Job Scheduling & Cluster Management Install & Configuration
  • Remote access for customer 3rd Party Software Installation, User Setup and Data Input
  • 3-Year Parts & Labor warranty with parts cross ship support
  • Installation and testing of Abaqus and other software included
  • Ambient over-temp graceful cluster shutdown included

Head node

Platform 2U Platform with 740w Redundant, Hot Swappable Power Supplies 8 Hot Swap HDD Bays (1 – Head Node) 1
Processors Intel Hex-Core “Sandy Bridge EP” Xeon E5 2667 2.9Ghz Processor (15MB Cache) 6 Cores (12 Threads) 1
RAM 4 x 16GB ECC REG DDR3-1600 HPC Memory Modules 4
Optical 8X Slim DVDRW Drive 1
Hard Drive 2 x 1Tb Raid Edition SATA Hard Drives (RAID 1 Mirrored) 2
RAID LSI PCI-Express Raid Controller (4 Port) 2
Infiniband 40Gbps Controller w/ QSFP connector 1
Remote Management IPMI 2.0 Remote Management with KVM-Over-LAN 1

Compute Nodes

Platform 2U Quad GPU Node Platform with 10-port Hot Swap HDDs 2 Compute Node(s) 2
Processors 2.9Ghz Processor (15MB Cache) 24 Cores (48 Threads) 4
RAM 16 x 16GB ECC REG DDR3-1600 HPC Memory Modules 16
Power Supplies 1800W High Efficient Redundant Power Supply 2
Hard Drive 900GB (3x300GB/node) Striped, RAID Edition SAS Hard Drives (RAID 0 ) 6
GPUs Four (4) NVIDIA Kepler K20X GPUs 4 x 2688 CUDA Cores 4
Infiniband QDR Infiniband 40Gbps Controller w/ QSFP connector 2
Remote Management IPMI 2.0 Remote Management with 3rd LAN Port 2
GigE 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Controller 4

Infiniband Switches & Cabling

Switches 1U 8-port InfiniBand Switch -QDR 40Gbps 1 320 320
Cables Infiniband Cables

Ethernet Switches & Cabling

Switches D-Link DGS-1210-16 – 16 port Gigabit Switch
Cables CAT-6 Cables


Rack 42U Open Frame 4 Post Rack – Black
Casters Casters (Optional)
Cable Mgmt Included 1
Power PDUs – AC 120VAC / 20-amp – 12 outlet as needed

Operating System / Management Software & Configuration

Installation CentOS / Rocks Install & Config, Abaqus iinstall (Custom Scientific Drilling Config)
Benchmarking Cluster Configuration is capable of demonstrating Linpack benchmark

Software Installation & Configuration

Installation Provide remote access to cluster for Installation of 3rd Party software applications and librairies
Configuration Software Configuration / Troubleshooting (limited to CentOS, Rocks, PBS/Torque, Abaqus, additional configuration is optional)

3 -Year Cluster Warranty

Cluster Warranty 3 -Year Parts & Labor Warranty on All Components of Cluster (Head Nodes, Storage Nodes, Compute Nodes, Switches, Cables & Racks)
Cluster Warranty 3 – Year On Site Service available

Cluster Recovery Disk (Included)

DVD Includes Cluster Recovery DVD Disk
Master Node Restores Head Node(s) back to original state
Complete Setup Recovery DVD Disk will restore complete setup including OS, Applications and User Settings
RAID Restores Master Node single hard drive, software RAID, or hardware RAID
OS Linux CentOS
Bare Metal Provides Bare Metal Recovery back onto the head node RAID array

Delivery, Unboxing and Setup of New Cluster (Optional)

Battery Backup for graceful shutdown

Power Backup 2U 3000VA Pure Sign Wave LCD Rackmount 2700Watt – Head node, IB Switch, Compute node(s), Ethernet switches…
Power Backup Scripting and Integration of battery backup for graceful shut down to prevent possible crash and need for re-installation and configuration of cluster


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