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Nor-Tech was able to secure precious resources. They delivered on both the timeframe and price.

-Staff Scientist, Top U.S. Research University


Their Challenge

A major U.S. Research University, a long-time Nor-Tech client, needed a new cluster for high-throughput astronomy-based applications.

             When the client sent out requests for bids, both cost and “responsibility” were conditions evaluated in received quotes. The client explained, “Responsible means that the vendor is very likely able to deliver the products within the timespan we need – important when supply chain issues make securing in-demand resources difficult. Responsible also means a vendor offers good support and will be around well into the future. A low quote is important, but the vendor’s reputation to deliver and support quoted equipment is also important. Nor-Tech qualified all the way around.”

            One of the most valuable resources for this and other clients is Nor-Tech’s Demo Cluster, which allows clients to gauge performance on a range of hardware and software applications before they commit (see the list).

            Nor-Tech Senior HPC Account Executive Tom Morton explained, “Prior to the order, the client tested various AMD EPYC processors on our Demo Cluster. This allowed them to select a CPU model most appropriate for their selected applications, yielding the best performance for their money.”


Our Solution

The new cluster features:

  • 196 Compute Nodes
  • 6272 AMD EPYC Cores
  • 6PB Total Storage

            The client received exactly what they needed, knowing from experience that Nor-Tech would have their back before, during, and after the sale. “Nor-Tech’s sales and support teams matched a product to our needs quite well,” the client said. “We didn’t pay for more than we needed and we received everything in terms of quality and functionality.”

Their Success

As all of Nor-Tech’s clients have come to expect, they delivered on everything they promised. “Nor-Tech was able to circumvent the supply chain issues that continue to linger post-COVID and deliver the project on-time,” Tom said.  “This was not a simple task for a million-dollar order. As is usually the case, the were some hiccups early on, but nothing our engineers couldn’t handle.”’

            The client explained, “There were two issues, but Tom and the engineering staff walked us through everything. One of the issues was straightforward. The other issue had to do with a power hit that occurred two weeks after deploying the cluster. They helped us understand why some nodes weathered the power hit better than others and how we can avoid similar problems in the future.”

            Tom summarized, “It was important that we were able to source everything and deliver on time and I know they are always happy with our support. They are an excellent client all the way around and we really enjoy working with them.”

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