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Bright Cluster Manager

Nor-Tech is experienced with installing and running Bright clusters

bright-cluster-manager-standardBright Cluster Manager® was designed by a group of highly experienced cluster specialists who perceived the need for a fundamental approach to the technical challenges posed by cluster management.

  • Develops and supports Bright Cluster Manager for HPC systems, Hadoop clusters, private clouds, server farms, and more
  • Incorporated in USA and The Netherlands (Offices in San Jose and Amsterdam)
  • Backed by ING Bank as shareholder, investor and customer
  • More than 300 customers in >25 countries
  • Growing 100% per year, profitable
  • Award-winning:
    • Red Herring Top100 North America
    • Deloitte Rising Star
  • Main 50

Advanced cluster management made easy

Bright Cluster Manager® removes the complexity from the
installation, management and use of clusters, without com — promising performance or capability. Bright allows you to manage multiple clusters simultaneously, including HPC, Hadoop, storage, database, private cloud and workstation clusters — on-premise or in the cloud.

The Bright Advantage

Bright Cluster Manager delivers improved productivity, increased
uptime, proven scalability and security, while reducing operating cost:

  • Rapid Productivity Gains
  • Maximum Uptime
  • Scalability from Deskside to TOP500
  • Minimum Overhead / Maximum Performance
  • Top Security



Cluster Dashboard


Cluster Monitoring




GPU Monitoring


GPU Rackview

Learn more at: www.brightcomputing.com/Bright-Cluster-Manager

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