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Enterprise GPU Workstations and Clusters to Transform Your Competitive Landscape

Organizations in every industry rely on Nor-Tech HPC technology integrated with leading-edge GPUs to deliver first-to-market solutions.

Nor-Tech has been working with top global enterprises for decades– providing truly customized HPC solutions integrated with GPUs, that allow clients to bring products and services to market ahead of the competition. 


We are a NVIDIA Partner for Accelerated Computing and AMD Instinct™ MI Series Accelerator partner.  We have earned these elite honors by meeting advanced competency criteria for technical and sales engineers and exceeding volume thresholds.  Our partnerships provide us access to higher level sales support and training that delivers big benefits to clients, 



Nor-Tech provides NVIDIA Tesla solutions utilizing NVIDIA Tensor Cores for Artificial Intelligence applications and CUDA cores for HPC applications. NVIDIA tensor cores enable businesses to create new customer experiences with AI deployments.  NVIDIA CUDA cores enable the acceleration of HPC applications



AMD Instinct GPUs supercharge HPC and AI workloads to propel new discoveries.  AMD ROCm open software platform provide access to open compute languages, compliers, libraries and tools designed to open the door to GPU acceleration 

Nor-Tech’s industry-leading 4, 8 and massive GPU solutions are leading the way for HPC and AI workloads.  Whether your application requires NVIDIA or AMD GPUs, Nor-Tech has the perfect expertly optimized solution.

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