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Supermicro FatTwin

The FatTwin is the latest addition to Supermicro’s evolving line of Twin Architecture SuperServer® solutions.

The 4U FatTwin greatly expands compute and storage capacities beyond Supermicro’s existing 2U Twin and 1U Twin SuperServer® systems to achieve increased performance with lower power consumption. By virtue of its shared components the FatTwin improves cost-effectiveness and reliability, while its modular architecture makes it flexible to configure and easy to maintain.


Nor-Tech is an Authorized Supermicro Systems Integrator Server-solution provider, ensuring the highest level of professional service and technical support.

FatTwin delivers maximum performance, efficiency and versatility for scientific, research, engineering, and enterprise organizations requiring high-performance, scalable computing and storage solutions for mission-critical applications. The platform is optimized for process intensive database driven applications including Big Data and Hadoop analytics, gas and oil exploration, HPC, computational finance, search engines, design and modeling, simulation and many other applications.

  • Up to 8 Hot-Swappable 3.5″ SAS2 (6Gbps) HDDs per U
  • 135W and 130W CPU Support
  • 0°C ~ 47°C Ambient temperature support for Free-air Cooling
  • Redundant Platinum Level (95%+) Digital Power Supplies

Optimized design for difference applications

  • Datacenter/Cloud/HPC applications
  • Science/Research/GPU application
  • File server/Storage server
  • General sever/Enterprise server

Free-air cooling and PUE optimized

  • Efficient air cooling design (PUE~1.1)
  • 135W XEON CPU support up to 35°C
  • 130W XEON CPU support up to 47°C

Flexible, easy to maintain and cost effective

  • Flexible and configurable node structure
  • Hot-plug MB node access from front side, easy for maintenance
  • Resource sharing in design, tooling, inventory and components for cost effective
  • Support standard rack

High density, high performance and lower power consumption

  • High density: support DP 16 DIMM & 8 x 3.5 hot swap HDD per 1U
  • High density: support DP 16 DIMM & 3 GPU per 1U or 8 GPU per 2U
  • High efficiency design for MB and sharing cooling with 3-10% less power usage
  • High operation temperature support (47°C free-air-cooling, PUE~1.1




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