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Nor-Tech’s All Flash Storage

All-flash storage arrays vary in capacity, drive type, networking options, and storage-savings features, but they all improve performance. All flash storage is the answer for applications that require instant access and no latency—meaning just about all applications.

Flash storage arrays offer these benefits:

  • Enable the extreme data-mobility speeds that allow data to be seamlessly shared and accessed across functions.
  • Prevent latency spikes during peak use times.
  • Flexibility and scalability.
  • Support faster, even real time, analytics: They can effortlessly handle enormous amounts of data.
  • Reduce replacement costs.
  • Significantly reduce the heat and physical footprint and eliminate ambient noise and vibration of traditional arrays.
  • Enable organizations to easily migrate from traditional disk storage.
  • Long-term time and cost savings.

Initially it was only the large companies that could afford enterprise class flash; that is no longer the case. This technology is now accessible to organizations of all sizes.


Supermicro All Flash Super SBB Storage

Supermicro has been a valued Nor-Tech partner for more than a decade; we are pleased to offer a range of Supermicro all flash storage options.

The new all-NVMe flash VSAN solution is based on the 1U Ultra SuperServer® 1028U-TN10RT+, which supports 10 NVMe SSDs with the industry’s first-to-market true hot-swap capability for enterprise mission-critical RAS applications.

These Supermicro VSAN ready nodes are ideal for clients looking to create a simple-to-deploy and manage, blazing fast hyper-converged cluster with high-availability that is targeted for high-performance database and big data analytics applications that demand a high degree of compatibility, reliability, and serviceability.

For even higher density all-NVMe flash systems, Supermicro offers a 2U SuperServer that supports 24 hot-swap NVMe SSDs and another that supports 48 hot-swap NVMe SSDs. Supermicro also introduced a new high-availability 2U dual-node system with support for 20 dual-port NVMe SSDs.

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